Aethien, white mantis extraterrestrial

Aethien, mantis

Aethien, mantis are a Seraphei Gold Flame mantis race that was seeded 950 billion years ago in dimension-10 of Density Universe-4 on planet Vega (Lyra), with the genetics of Gold Sun DNA 24-30 strands. Aethien are a member of the Royal House of Vega and the Gold Order, are also on the D10 Council of Vega, share Guardianship of Star Gate-10, are also on the D8 Council of Mintaka (Orion), share Guardianship of Star Gate-8, helped to charter the universal service organization called the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW) - creating a unified collective of Guardian Angelic Nations. The Aethien were also genetic co-creators of the super race line called the Azurites. The Azurites are a blueskinned, sometimes winged and feathered, Feline-land and water mammal-Avian hominid race carrying the most advanced genetic code in our Time Matrix.

The Aethien are large mantis, white graceful beings of high spiritual development, which resemble upright praying mantises. Aethien are not of the Zeta gray alien species but often work with them and assist humans in their encounters with the Zeta. If you follow the UFO movement, there are a lot of reports of these big white mantis that people are having encounters with, sometimes they come in solid, sometimes they are etheric looking, these are the Aethien. They also work with those from other dimensional systems and always work as teachers. When they appear with the Zeta or other three-dimensional extraterrestrial groups, the Aethien are with them but not of them. Only Zeta groups who have agreed to work in brotherhood with all life will be accompanied by the Aethien.

The Aethien are not organic to your three-dimensional frequency band, nor are they from parallel or adjacent Earths. Rather they originate from galaxies existing within the dimensions of adjacent Earths, which places them in our interdimensional extraterrestrial category. Aethien work with humans and other sentient life forms both in your dimension and in others, and throughout the Time Portal Systems in those dimensions. They represent a species superior to that of the Zeta, and come as emissaries of peace and growth toward brotherhood for all species.

Many of the visitors presently involved with Earth, both interdimensional and those of the Time Portal System, have the ability to bend the laws of physicality as you know them. Many of them are “shape-shifters” and can modulate the dimensional frequencies and time portals sufficiently so as to manifest to you in whatever form they desire. The Aethien use this ability quite often in dealing with humans, taking on animal forms, human forms or those of solid objects.

Aethien began interacting with the Zeta in other dimensions, with the intention of teaching the Zeta better ways to fulfill their purposes without violating the human populace. The Zeta remaining in the three-dimensional Earth system were of the last to accept guardianship from the Aethien. But the Aethien are committed to assisting the Zeta in their spiritual growth toward brotherhood, and so maintain an open invitation for assistance to Zeta in all dimensions.

The Aethien desire to work with humans, to educate them and teach them what is necessary for fulfilling their part in this multidimensional / intergalactic / inter-time scheme. But, it is often quite difficult for these helpers to interact with humans as the present belief structures perpetuated by the “official program” render their attempts at communication void, or suspicious at best. In our cultures on Earth, little is understood about the nature of interdimensional and inter-time communications. The methods by which these events take place are largely misunderstood by our contemporary societies.

The Aethien being highly evolved teachers commissioned to assist the Zeta, the humans and many others through out your dimension and others. The Aethien have agreed to assist those Zeta who have made a commitment to non-violation of other systems. The Aethien offered their expertise and some of their genetic material to assist the Zeta in continuation of their species through genetic mutation. Out of this agreement yet another strain of hybrid was formed, the Zeta human-Aethien strain that we refer to as the Zionites. The Zionite strain constitutes a master race of beings whose abilities and powers reach far beyond the present moment of your Earth history.

Aethien, mantis alien