Annu-Elohim Aliens, Jehovani Dark Avatar Fallen Angels

Annu-Elohim Aliens, Jehovani Dark Avatar Fallen Angels

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The Annu-Elohim feline-aquatic-ape hybrid aliens, also called Jehovanians / Jehovani / Jehovian, are the Dark Avatars associated with YHWY / Jehovah god stories, are a Blue Flame Elohei-Elohim Fallen Angelic extraterrestrial race, a Founders Race originally of D11 planet Aveyon (Lyra) in Density-4, created 950 billion years ago. The Jehovians (Annu-Elohim) are creators of the many Anunnaki Fallen Angelic “Anu Avenger” races of the Sirius star system, including Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki hominid and “Bipedal Dolphin People” of Sirius A. The Jehovians (Annu-Elohim) are actually a mixed Founders Race hybrid, they are half Blue Flame (feline part) and half Violet Flame (aquatic-ape part), and they lived amongst the Violet Flame races on planet Aveyon, which included the Pegasai, Inyu, Dolphins, and Yonei. The Jehovians (Annu-Elohim) were once a positive race originally called Anyu. They were originally part of the good guy Emerald Order, a Guardian race that served the Emerald Covenant until 250 billion years ago when there was some problems that started to develop within their race.

Aveyon, the home planet of the Jehovians (Annu-Elohim / Anyu) and Violet Flame races, was 1 of 3 original first Founders Races planets, which also includes planet Aramatena, home of the Anuhazi Elohei Blue Flame race, and also planet Vega, home of the Drakonian Gold Flame races including the Cerez avians, Aethien mantis, and Fallen Omicron dragons & Odedicron reptilian aliens. Just a quick note, Aramatena is what you called an Adjacent Earth, it is the corresponding planet to Earth. We have Density-4 Aramatena, we have Density-3 Gaia, Density-2 Tara, Density-1 Earth. Anyways, you had DNA Code Convolution beginning to happen on two of the Founder Races home planets, planets Aveyon and Vega, which was between the Annu-Elohim and the Omicron “Dragon Moth”, where they were starting to get polarity issues and conflict among the two of them. It was starting to threaten to break the Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Peace Treaty agreement. The planets themselves were very valuable, because at their core were the Universal Stargates that connected this entire Time Matrix fully to the Solar Rishi of Density-5 and even to the Ascended Masters of the Cosmic Energy Matrix. If you want to take over a Time Matrix, you want to sever that specific connection so you can go run around and suck energy off of stuff that’s around you and just run things the way you want to without having any immediate consequences or someone telling you “no, you can’t do that”. These Universal Stargates are extremely important and actually affect lifeforce energy, dimensional travel, and DNA templates. This severed connection is exactly what happened, and which unfolded in history as the:

Lyran Elohim Founders Wars

Jehovian Planets:

  • Phantom Aveyon (Lyra)
  • Sirius A
  • Arcturus
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Andromeda
  • Trapezium (Orion)


Jehovian Races:

  • Anunnaki: “Jehovian Anunnaki”, “Sirian Anunnaki”, “Bipedal Dolphin People”, “Avengers of Anyu”, cetacean-hominid, original Anunnaki pure strain. Planet Sirius A.


Jehovian Hybrids:

  • Nephilim Anunnaki: Genetics are Jehovian Anunnaki + Seeding-2 Atlantean Human. Planets are Earth, Nibiru, Sirius A

  • Nephite Anunnaki: “Hook Nose”, dark haired Humanoids. Genetics are Jehovian Anunnaki + Hebrew (Hibiru Starseed + Melchizedek Starseed). Planets are Phantom Sirius A (“Etheric Sirians”), Orion, Antares, Pleiades, Arcturus, and Aveyon (Lyra).

  • Ophanium Anunnaki: “Overlords”. Genetics are Nephite Anunnaki + Oraphim Maji. Planets are Arcturus, Trapezium (Orion)

  • Morantian Anunnaki: Genetics are Jehovian Anunnaki + Nephilim Anunnaki hybrid (Jehovian Anunnaki + Seeding-2 Atlantean Human). Planets are Sirius A, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri, Andromeda.

  • Schriki-EL: aquatic dolphins. Planet Earth.


Human Tribe Infiltration by Jehovians:

  • Hibiru Starseeds, extensive raiding
  • Hebrew Bi-Starseed (Hibiru Starseed + Melchizedek Starseed), extensive raiding
  • Essenes Indigo Maji Grail Line (1 of 25 Melchizedek Starseed families), extensive raiding
  • Yu (Chinese/Tibetan), moderate infiltration
  • Sumerian, moderate infiltration
  • Egyptian, moderate infiltration
  • Middle Eastern, moderate infiltration
  • European culture, extensive infiltration
  • American culture, extensive infiltration

NOTE: Unity Creed = Law of One equality, love, cooperation, respect, kindness, gentleness, tolerance, joy, grace, gratitude, trust, accountability, impeccability, mindfulness, fearlessness, detachment, science of ascension, reincarnation, ET ancestry

NOTE: Division Creed = inequality, male elitists, devalue women, sexist, guilt, fear, judgment, subservience, blind worship, surrogate gods (ETs), spiritual hierarchy, authority figures, exploitation, materialistic, pain, disease, war, competition, hatred, violence, “Pretend Away the Darkness”

Jehovian Religious / Spiritual Distortions:

  • Lemurian Christos teachings major distortions
  • Atlantean Christos teachings major distortions
  • Essene Christos teachings major distortions
  • Christian Protestant text distortions
  • created “YHWY”/ “Jehovah” God stories
  • false 12-Tribe History in Hebrew/Christian texts
  • Kaballah Hebrew text distortions
  • inverted-reversed 10-Sephiroth “Tree of Life”
  • removed 6 letters from Hebrew alphabet
  • Traditional and Hassidic Hebrew texts distortions

Jehovian False Creeds Promoted:

  • Galactic Federation
  • Ashtar Command
  • Nibiruian Councils
  • Course in Miracles channeling
  • Thoth teachings
  • Isis teachings
  • Merlin teachings
  • Metatron
  • Ophanium
  • Enoch
  • Archangel Michael teachings
  • Tibetan creeds
  • Urantia Book
  • Mormon texts

Jehovian Illuminati Royal Blood Lines:

Jehovian-Nephilim-Morantians (Lemurian)

  • Admian-Nephilim Urantia King
  • Annu-Melchizedek Adamian-Nephite King

Jehovian-Nephite-Nohassim (Atlantean) “Sirian Sons of Zadok” 

  • Zadokhim-Hassim King
  • Hassa King
  • YHWH Hibiru King

Jehovian-Nephite-Adam Kadmon “Nibiruian Sons of Belil”  (Atlantean)

  • Nohassim-Adam-Kadmon King
  • Larsa King
  • Davidic King

“Orion Sons of Baal” (Semetic Jehovian Dragon King lines)

  • Taozan-Sadducees
  • Hassad-Pharisees

DNA Code Convolution

The Anyu (Annu-Elohim) from D11 Aveyon, which is where Stargate-11 was, they were Guardians of that gate, they became DNA code convoluted and they became twisted. DNA Code Convolution happens after combining one set of genetic codes or templates over and over and over again, creating different diversity among them, eventually the races original DNA codes will break down like inbreeding in the genetic code. The Fallen Annu-Elohim suffered inbreeding of their genetic code at the Avatar level and so it created a whole matrix of Dark Avatars, who understood and were brilliant because they are brilliant as far as intellect goes, but they lost the ability to hold the D12 frequency, which means they could no longer receive or connect to the primal life force currents of the Christos, which gives you the direct connection to the Law of One, to the Oneness, you can feel your part of the whole, where you can feel that connection. So, they can conceptually say okay we are part of the whole, and they can teach the Law of One, but at the same time they do not feel it, and they can’t carry the frequency of it, so they can make decisions as if it wasn’t real, as if it was just something that was conceptual, and that’s how they tend to relate to it, that’s why they can make decisions like they do, to take an anti-Christos stand.

The “Original Sin”

So, the Anyu (Annu-Elohim) started Falling into this DNA Code Convoluted state, and they themselves became concerned about their competitors, which were the convoluted Omicron “Dragon Moth”, what became later the Drakonian races, the Seraphim races from D10 Vega. The Anyu were afraid that the Omicron might break the Emerald Covenant, so they asked the Lyran High Council (Density-5 Elohei Rishi) to destroy the Omicron Seraphim race of Vega, and we said no. We said no because it would violate the Emerald Covenant to do that. If something was Falling and having a problem, you were suppose to help it, not kill it and annihilate it, not blow it back to space dust. So, because the Lyran High Council (in Density-5) would not intervene and destroy the Fallen Seraphim races, the Anyu (Annu-Elohim) retaliated and destroyed planet Aramatena, using Stargate-11 to do it. Before that destruction, there was a group of them that got out before their consciousness got blown apart, they agreed to come and hold the coding piece by piece of the original pattern of Aramatena, so one day it would be set back into the grids of Earth, Tara, Gaia, so Earth Tara Gaia once again become the planet that is capable of passing back through the matter densities. A planet or a person that can pass through, transmutation through matter densities to get out of the Time Matrix is considered a person that can Ascend or an Ascension planet. Once upon a time, Earth, Tara, Gaia, Aramatena was an Ascension planet. During the Elohm Wars that started 250 billion years ago, that potential has been taken away. That’s where the Emerald Order Guardians came to play down here, because we were part of the group that agreed to hold those codes to reset it to the grids when the time was right.

So again, the Anyu (Annu-Elohim), out of anger and retaliation, destroyed planet Aramatena because they wanted to blowup Stargate-12 so the Elohei Rishi / High Council could no longer interact with our Time Matrix from dimensions 1 to 11. This was known as the “Original Sin“. When the bible and other religious teachings talk about the Original Sin, it states that every human is imprinted with the Original Sin. I’m telling you it’s not just humans, its everything in this Time Matrix, for the past 250 billion years, which is when this happened in Lyra, way before humans were even created. The Original Sin was the mark of not having the D12 Universal Stargate functioning. Without the D12 Universal Stargate functioning, any biological form, once you were in here you were stuck, became stuck and couldn’t ascend out because now there was a literal block. All existing Christos beings during that time with a D12 template now suddenly couldn’t fully access their Christos consciousness because the newly crippled DNA template wouldn’t hold the original D12 frequency because the Time Matrix now couldn’t hold it. Without the D12 Universal Stargate, new consciousness could not come in including the Solar Rishi & Ascended Masters, and no consciousness below D12 could get out. But, the Annu-Elohim knew this would happen, they did this intentionally, because they wanted to rid themselves of the influence of the Rishi & Ascended Masters so badly that they were willing to destroy a planet and cut off their own Christos 12-strand template to do it. They literally not only severed everybody’s 12-strand, but even their own templates so they would no longer be plugged into the Elohei Rishi, so their rebellion freed them and enabled them to have free reign and run energy any way they wanted to, and they were quite abusive of the Time Matrix systems in Density-4 at the time.

The Anyu that fell renamed their race and proclaimed themselves as the Annu-Elohim rather than the Elohei-Elohim. They were going to be a new race. They were going to reseed and take over this Time Matrix with only their own kind. This all happened in Lyra. The Guardians would tell them before that they couldn’t go around dominating other races and killing them, but these energy vampires would say hey, as long as we keep sucking energy off of living systems, why should we have to play nice, why should we have to be peaceful and be co-creative? Because, they went into a killing spree during the Elohim Wars 250 billion years ago. It wasn’t even a human war. It was their war, it was the Elohim war, and it came out of the group of Annu-Elohim that had severed their connections from Source, wanting dominion over the Lyran system. All of them are El families. El is a shorthand version for Elohim. You have your not fallen Els and you have your fallen Els. That’s what this is all about. This is a family feud in the Elohim territories. The killing spree was almost like a blood thirst, because they started to get distortions in their consciousness because they had it in their templates, they became little killing machines and that was not allowed in the Divine Blueprint because it threatened to destroy the entire Time Matrix. So, they decided that they prefer dominion, they prefer to live they way they are, and they used their excuse of Free Will choice to literally violate, the know that they will be finite if they don’t continually feed off of living matrices, so that’s what’s going on here.

These Fallen Angelic Jehovani Dark Avatars, the Annu-Elohim, are consciously choosing to not to go back in to their Christos Collective family. They are consciously choosing to make decisions that are really pretty dumb when you understand the whole creation framework. The Annu-Elohim are associated with their home planet Aveyon, which is also blown up, because as soon as the Annu-Elohim took out Aramatena Stargate-12, the Omicron Fallen Seraphim took the opportunity to destroy Aveyon, and thus took out Aveyon’s Stargate-11, because they wanted control of the Time Matrix too, so it was like a chain reaction thing. When you lose DNA you lose some memory. They couldn’t remember, because if you don’t have the DNA code to plug in the 12-strand or its sub-harmonics, you will not feel Christos Unity Consciousness. It will be like a concept externalized to you. You don’t feel it within anymore, that divine connection, that Christos spark. Human beings, because they can carry some of that sub-harmonic, can get a feel for the presence of the Christos and the connection to the Source, but the Anunnaki couldn’t because their biology blocked it. Those Stargates have been repaired since then, they were repaired over numerous millions of years of Guardians working in the higher fields to do it. But, this Original Sin event is where the biblical concept came from, and it wasn’t something that humans did to get kicked out of the Garden of E-Den. It was something the Annu-Elohim did to try to spitefully get even with the Lyran High Council because they didn’t get their own way when they wanted to run race supremacy through this Time Matrix.

The “Original Sin” was called a sin, but not from the distorted religious perspective but from the Guardian perspective, sin can be understood as working or doing something in a way that erodes the perpetual life potential. Now, the natural condition and intention of the Universe and of what God has created is to have perpetual life, eternal life. Immortality is what is normal. Death is not normal, it is unnatural. We are suppose to be able to come into Density, experience manifestation, have all sorts of neat experiences in the Hologram, and work our way back out, it’s not suppose to be hard. And, when we get back out, Ascend and expand back out, we can hang out in non-manifestation for awhile and experience At-One-ment with Source, and we can come back in whenever we want and play some more. It was suppose to be a playground. Wow, some playground…NOT! It’s become more like war games down here. This is where the original mess of a huge drama in our Time Matrix came from, and they are still at it today, we are still right in the middle of the drama today.

Source-God’s original intention for our Time Matrix was to simply have a place to explore and develop and just explore creation in Density. Now, the Original Sin was a sin because it worked in reverse. The actions worked in reverse of sustaining that original intention. If the original intention is to have perpetual energy and consciousness moving in and out, circulating, like a living circulatory system, then anything that blocks that ability would be considered a sin, or something that takes the word live, l-i-v-e, and puts it in reverse, you get e-v-i-l, evil. The Original Sin was the destruction of Stargate 12, because what it did was that it wiped out 12th dimensional coding in anything’s DNA template. Founders races that were lower than D12 that had manifested in deeper into the Densities, were stuck here, because when Stargate-12 was destroyed, the 12-strand imprint in anything’s DNA will dismantle itself, it will turn into junk DNA, just like lot’s of our other strands have. This can happen on a planetary level, but it can also happen on a Time Matrix level, and that’s what happened, everything was trapped in here, including a lot of Ascended Masters that had come in to do different types of jobs. So, there was a major effort made to restore Stargate-12, and it was done, and this was still before humans were even created.

Azurites Guardians Created

The Azurites were a Guardian race that was created after the horrible incident of both planet Aramatena & the Universal Stargate-12 being destroyed 250 billion years ago in the Elohim Wars. They Azurites were created  to serve as the patrol team, to basically make sure this didn’t happen anymore to the Stargates because it can literally decimate this system and others, if it is allowed to happen. The Azurite Guardians existed before the Angelic Human Guardian imprint was created, and so they were the original Guardians of this Time Matrix. They were the race that was created in order to be able to move through the densities to protect and assist in the healing the Stargate complexes of the planetary, galactic, and Universal level whenever necessary. The Azurites were created by the Founders Races specifically to allow for the Ascended Master collectives from the Energy Matrix and the Density-5 Rishi Orders to incarnate directly into our Density system for crisis intervention. The Azurite race was created to serve as the Universal Templar Security Team, the mobile extension of the Interdimensional Association of Free Words (IAFW), the primary Guardian administration.

Human Guardians & Anunnaki Created

After those two Universal Stargates had been repaired by the Emerald Order groups, they were going to create a new species to come in and serve as security Guardians to put this Time Matrix back together before it imploded itself, because there was so much damage being done to the Stargates, it was going to literally implode itself and all the consciousness here would be blown back to space dust. So, 568 million years ago, the Density-2 Oraphim Turaneusiam Angelic Human lineage, the forefathers of the Earthly Angelic Human Race, was created to become the new security Guardians for the lower Densities. So, in retaliation, the Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legions created the original first Anunnaki race, a new Fallen Angelic Race with 11-Strand DNA potential, the most genetically advanced biological form the D11 Fallen Annu-Elohim are capable of seeding. The Anunnaki name literally translates as “Avengers of Anyu“, and they were created specifically, their templates were coded with literally, almost like a subliminal program to kill and destroy anything that was not Annu-Elohim, that included the Founders races, and it included the humans, and it included any Emerald Covenant races. The Anunnaki were against all Emerald Covenant races, especially to go destroy the human race, so they could take their place. So, there is a long history here and some very interesting historical names and words.

The Annu-Elohim created the original Anunnaki using a hominid type form, it’s actually a water hominid type form, it’s more like a water mammal, you can describe it as a mermaid. They were sorta like fish beings, but they were human looking to a degree. They actually went through a human and reptilian type stage, they have some of the reptilian codings, these original Anunnaki. But, they were created as an Avenger race to make sure that the good guy Solar Rishi (Breneau) did not get control over this Time Matrix again so they could feed off the consciousness that was trapped here, because when you sever your connection, if you have a bunch of scalar wave grids that connect you to Source, to the Solar Rishi, and the Ascended Masters, then fully into Source, and you sever that, it’s like a pillar of frequency. You cut that at any point, you don’t get lifeforce energy anymore, it’s like moving your pillar of light out of alignment with the primal perpetual Source of light. You become finite. This is what they did to themselves when they cut themselves off from their Rishi collectives (Breneau). The Annu-Elohim became a finite race, so did the fallen Seraphim. A finite race, on that level, knows it’s finite when it does that, but it also knows that it can sustain itself if it continually absorbs and feeds energy off of other lifeforms, which is a violation of the right of being by other lifeforms, but this is what they did.

Phantom Matrix

So, these Fallen races, it’s not that they are bad, we don’t use the term evil within the Law of One, because we all have to heal this eventually, everybody has got to get healed because we are all part of the One, but it is helpful to understand what it means to be Fallen, it means your pillar of lifeforce frequency is disconnected and you will be finite until you reconnect it to the perpetual supply. So, after the Annu-Elohim initially closed / destroyed those higher Stargates, they turned their focus and began conquest of the rest of the Time Matrix for themselves, they became energy vampires and just feed off the other consciousness that was here and just continued to reseed. What they would do is they would seed a race onto a planet, use that race, the little bodies running around, to suck energy from the planetary grids up into their own matrix, and they would destroy the race and just let it like de-evolve until it was gone, they could literally take the lifeforce out of planets and stars that way. So, there was a whole complex series of not nice things to do that were being run by the fallen Seraphim and fallen Annu-Elohim. 

Since the Fallen beings became finite, specifically in the Phantom Matrix, they began feeding off of other lifeforms in our living Time Matrix. So, this whole mess and this whole Phantom Matrix stuff started literally 250 billion years ago in the warring that broke out between the different Elohim races and we ended up with Fallen Annu-Elohim, that came out of the Elohei-Elohim originally, and we ended up with Fallen Seraphim, which were the ones from the Vega system that also ended up going, literally they got sucked up into a black hole system and they reassembled themselves there and they have progressively have tried to pull in portions of this Time Matrix and its galaxies into their system to feed off of it and they have come very very close at certain times to literally taking the whole thing in. They are very close to that right now.

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  1. Thank you for the mind blowing information. You’ve answered most of my human mind puzzles. Extraordinary talent/gift that you posses. I am hooked in your teachings. Mostly, I want to understand that 15 dimension time matrix.

  2. Really fantastic, you offered the chart (partly seen on you blog) for 5 $ recently. I missed that. Could I still purchase it for download?

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