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Anunnaki, called the “Avengers of Anyu”, are originally a dolphin-hominid alien race line from the 11th dimensional planet Sirius A in Density-4 Prematter “Liquid Light”, created by the D11 Fallen Angelic Jehovian Annu-Elohim 568 million years ago. Of course there are good Annunaki, but this conversation is about the dark ones involved in our human drama. These Avengers are also referred to as “Jehovian Anunnaki”, “Sirian Anunnaki”, or “Bipedal Dolphin People”. There are also many Anunnaki hybrids that have been created from this first original pure strain Jehovian Anunnaki, such as the:

  • Nephilim human-Atlantean-Anunnaki hybrid
  • Marduk Dramin Anunnaki dino-insectoid-hominid hybrid
  • Marduk Necromiton Anunnaki insectoid-serpent-hominid hybrid
  • Enlil Anunnaki scaled-reptile-hominid hybrid
  • Enki Anunnaki insectoid-reptilian-serpent hybrid
  • Pleiadian Samjase Anunnaki human-reptilian, “Blonds” hybrid
  • Amealian Anunnaki aquatic-ape hybrid


Anunnaki Origins

You can learn about each of the hybrid Anunnaki races listed above, which most of them are coming out of planet Nibiru. However, this article is about the original Jehovian Anunnaki from Sirius A who were created by the Fallen Angelic D11 Jehovian Annu-Elohim, which are Fallen Elohei. Consciousness from Density-4, which is dimensions 10, 11, and 12 are called Avatars, so the Annu-Elohim are Dark Avatars, who themselves were formally called the Anyu, a feline-quatic-ape alien hybrid race line of D11 planet Aveyon (Lyra). During a period of time that spans from 250 billion to 570 million years ago, a series of wars called the Lyran-Elohim Wars (click to learn the history), and later the Angelic Wars, broke out in the Density-4 Pre-matter systems. The Anyu began their quest of universal dominion with the intention of destroying all races but their own and claiming dominion of our Time Matrix. In their rebellion against the Christos Founders Races, the Anyu race adopted the name of the Annu, and became known as the Jehovian Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legion. The Jehovanians, or Jehovani, are the main family within the Fallen Annu-Elohim which are collectively associated with the creator gods Annu (Sumerian), YHWY, and Jehovah god stories.

It was because of this historical Lyran-Elohim Wars period that the Ascended Masters and the Guardian Rishi Founders Races decided 568 million years ago to create a new biological Guardian race line that was intended to eventually become the appointed Universal Templar Security Team. The new Guardian Angelic Race line was called the Oraphim, a feline-avian hominid with Double Diamond Sun 24-30 strand DNA potential, the good guys. The Angelic Human Turaneusiam race of Density-2 are a smaller form of Oraphim with a Diamond Sun 12-strand DNA potential. When the Oraphim race was created by the Guardian Founders Races, out of retaliation the Jehovian Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legion also created a new Fallen Angelic Race with 11-Strand DNA potential, which is the most genetically advanced biological form the D11 Fallen Annu-Elohim are capable of seeding. The new race created by the Fallen Jehovian Annu-Elohim is called the Anunnaki, meaning “the Avengers of Anyu,” the original Fallen Lyran hybrid Founders Race from D11 Lyra-Aveyon. The Jehovian Anunnaki lineage was created specifically as a vehicle through which the D11 Fallen Jehovian Annu-Elohim could incarnate directly into Densities 1, 2 and 3, in order to destroy the Guardian Angelic Oraphim-Human lineage and Azurite genetic lines, to further their continuing agenda of exploitation and dominion of our Time Matrix.

Through removing the 12th DNA Strand Template from their genetic blueprint, the Annu-Elohim successfully blocked the Density-5 Rishi Founders races from incarnating into their race line, so they were free to create a legion of self-contained Fallen Angelic dominion forces within our Time Matrix, such as the Jehovian Anunnaki. The Annu-Elohim and their Anunnaki children continue to be oppressive, exploiting dominion of our Time Matrix and its life-field, and seek operational control over the 12 Primary Star Gates of the Universal Templar Complex in our Time Matrix. They are an avenger species with the intention of dominating and energetically feeding on and destroying the Lyran-Sirian Anuhazi, Pleiadian Serres, Oraphim and Human race lines.

False historical data on human origins and evolution is presently being dispensed on Earth via channeling contact from the Jehovian Anunnaki and the Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Legions. Some of them are falsely claiming, quite piously, that their legions are the Royal House of Aveyon, and the self-proclaimed “originators” of the Earth human race. These contemporary Anunnaki lines are in truth the “Fallen Royal House of Aveyon”, and obviously they did not create us, the Elohei Guardians did. Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Legions that are presently falsely promoting themselves as the “original creators of the human lineage,” or who promote themselves as being of the Christos Founders Race genetic line emerging from the “Royal Houses,” are not the “Christed” races they claim to be, nor are their intentions “Christly”. Anunnaki Fallen Legions are currently attempting to misguide humanity into becoming “galactic,” rather than “angelic” humans, which is a sweetly deceptive cover-word used to describe their intended digressive hybridization of contemporary humans.

Fallen Angelic Anunnaki Legions of the D11 Fallen Annu-Elohim collective are hoping to digress the human genome into a maximum 11-strand Anunnaki-hybrid DNA Template potential, in replacing the minimum of the 12-Strand DNA Template “Christos” potential that is the rightful heritage of the Angelic Human Turaneusiam lineage. In their misguided contemporary quest for dominion of Earth’s Star Gates, the Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Legions hope to rob Earth humans of their dormant “Christed Angelic Human Race” potential through covert genetic manipulation via distorted teachings of DNA, bio-energetic field and Merkaba activation and hybridization programs. The Anunnaki are attempting to perpetrate this deception of humans in order to prevent Earth humans from actualizing the dormant 12-Strand DNA potential, through which humans can reclaim the Angelic Human heritage to serve as conscious guardians of Earth’s Star Gate complex.

The Jehovian Anunnaki from Sirius-A are the ones that run Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command. It has always been part of their dominion agenda, the intention of using Solar-Star Gate-4, and an artificial stellar body known as the Nibiruian Battlestar (aka the Biblical “Wormwood”), to force cataclysmic pole shift on Earth in order to exterminate human populations. If they can successfully exterminate Angelic Human races from Earth, the Luciferian and Jehovian Anunnaki Races intend to return their ”Chosen Ones”, descendant humans called the Annu-Melchizedeks, which is actually the “people” we call Illuminati today which are a human-alien hybrid race, to Earth during the current Stargate Opening Cycle, which is now. The “Chosen Ones” will be used to run critical mass reversed Fire Letter Sequences into Earth’s Planetary Shields in fulfillment of the Anunnaki Anti-Christos Grail Quest Agenda. This plan was formalized in the 9560 BC Luciferian Covenant and has been progressively unfolding.

These Jehovian Anunnaki agendas emerged from our ancient pre-Atlantean past, through Lemuria & Atlantis, and our early recorded history, and into the powerful global infrastructure of the contemporary Interior World Government Illuminati One World Order Agenda. As part of the planned, pre-meditated Atlantean Conspiracy strategy, in 1750 AD the Galactic Federation and Pleiadian-Nibiruian Luciferian Anunnaki races began making remote contact with “Chosen Ones,” descendants of their respective Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati races, who carried the DNA Template implantation allowing for telepathic rapport from their genetic ancestral line. After rising to covert power in Europe and various other regions, Galactic Federation and the Pleiadian-Nibiruians motivated the American Revolution and the founding of the United States of America via Secret Society Occult School “inspiration” of their Luciferian Knights Templar Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati races. This contact progressed from infiltration of ancient traditional religious control dogmas with their “Inner Circle Elite” occultists, into what has become the “New Age Channeling Movement”, which I talk about here on Christos Avatar. The New Age Movement is primarily dominated by Jehovian-Sirius A, Luciferian-Pleiadian-Nibiruian, Marduke-Necromiton-Luciferian-Alpha Centauri and Sirius B, Luciferian Centaur-Omega Centauri and some Necromiton-Andromie channel contacts.

Anunnaki & Lemurian Holocaust

In 50,000 BC, there was something called the Lemurian Holocaust when the Jehovian Anunnaki and their Illuminati humans infiltrated the Lemurian continent. As Atlantean and Lemurian cultures thrived around this time period, other stellar cultures watched and waited. Members of the Jehovian Anunnaki Resistance and their Drakon and Dracos allies had long planned to overtake Earth territories, waiting until the two growing civilizations had reached a height of maturity. Motivated by their own desires to utilize Earth as an evolutionary option, the Jehovian Anunnaki quietly infiltrated Atlantean culture about 55,000 years ago, covertly moving within the ranks of Anunnaki of the Sirian Council, which are the positive Anunnaki. Once re-established on Earth, the negative Jehovian Anunnaki inter-bred with the race called the Annu.

The Annu is not the same race as Annu-Elohim, but they named them that because they are part of their Anunnaki DNA template. It is necessary to mention a little bit of the Annu back history because they are a huge part of what is going on today, for they are the race that becomes the Illuminati. About 950,000 years ago, the Jehovian Anunnaki proceeded to bring forth a hybrid race of human-Egyptian-Anunnaki children who were called the Nephilim (Genesis 6:4). Having more developed genetic codes via their Jehovian Anunnaki fathers, the Nephilim giants quickly dominated the less developed humans, creating a highly advanced materialistic culture built upon exploitation of less evolved life forms. It was 850,000 years ago (Human Seeding-2) when wars broke out between the earthly Nephilim Anunnaki hybrids and the Serres-Egyptian Guardians which escalated into a great intergalactic war between the Density-3 Elohim (positive at this time as Guardian overseers) and the Jehovian Anunnaki (the race who created the Nephilim), each fighting for control of the Earth territory and the evolutionary direction of the human lineage. Yes, we were actually much more technologically advanced in our ancient past compared to our modern times. This war became known as the Thousand Years War as it lasted approximately 1,200 years (850,000 – 848,800 years ago).

The Guardian Solar Rishi of Density-5 had to intervene, and they assisted the Elohim and Jehovian Anunnaki to negotiate a treaty through which both the Anunnaki and Elohim would assist in the Human Seeding-3 of the human lineage. The agreement the Rishi negotiated between the Elohim and the Anunnaki was called the Treaty of El-Annu, through which it was agreed that the Nephilim would not return to Earth but were allowed to evolve in other systems, and that attempts would be made to create a positive Anunnaki-human hybrid on Earth with some of the Nephilim souls, but only if the Anunnaki agreed to uphold the Law of One. The new race would be a hybrid Nephilim + Melchizedek Host Matrix entered into the human morphogenetic field through the 6th race Melchizedek Starseeds. The new positive Anunnaki hybrid race would be called the Annu. Not all of the Jehovian Anunnaki agreed to this treaty, and those who continued to pose a threat to Earth security were banned from Earth visitation, and became known as the Anunnaki Resistance.

These Annu were seeded as promised in Human Seeding-3, also called Annu-Melchizedek, or later the Templar-Annu or Urantia, which have the soul matrix of the Nephilim Anunnaki. This  portion of the Nephilim is what you call a Bio-Regenesis hosted race with the Melchizedeks. These Annu-Melchizedeks were suppose to be healed through the Guardian Host Matrix, but this is the period of time where the Jehovians seduced these Annu (Nephilim souls) back to the False Templar Creeds. Some of these Annu-Melchizedek races stayed with the Emerald Covenant. They wanted to stay out of the drama, they wanted to bio-regenerate. Enoch, who is a Jehovian Anunnaki (positive at this time), had been originally appointed as the one that would help in this bio-regenesis of the Annu races (Urantia) that came out of these Jehovian Dolphin People ET. The Nephilim soul essences who actually wanted to be able to complete their bio-regenesis were allowed to come into incarnation into the Annu that were placed under Enoch’s guardianship. Others of them didn’t want to bio-regenerate or serve the Law of One. The Jehovians of the Anunnaki Resistance, over a period of generations, distorted the Annu genetic lines with the Templar DNA Seal, which had been placed on the Jehovian Anunnaki themselves following their refusal to accept the Guardian Treaty of El-Annu. So now they started corrupting the Annu, physically (genetics) and spiritually (Anti-Christos Templar). The teachings of the Law of One were slowly distorted as the creed of the Templar Solar Initiates of Tara (Density-2 Illuminati), which the Anunnaki Rebellion had helped devise, came to replace the sacred teachings on Earth, creating progressive division and social unrest within Atlantean civilization.

The now corrupted Templar-Annu became the Illuminati humans serving the Jehovian Anunnaki ET masters, and began to spread their influence into other cultures, gaining covert control over Egyptian lands and several other smaller cultural centers, including infiltration of Lemuria. They became the primary force in the Lemurian area, what is called Lemuria by most of us, but it was actually a continent called Muarivhi (Mu) that was over in the Pacific. That’s where the Lemurians lived after they were seeded in 71,000 BC, but long before the Lemurians were seeded there, you had primarily the Mu’a empires there. It was smaller than Atlantis and it was called the crescent continent because it is actually shaped like a crescent. I have the map of where the original continents were and where they became island nations. I offer many exclusive diagrams, including the Lemuria & Atlantis DIAGRAMS, JOIN the Avatar level now to get your copy today! This is taking place in what we now call Hawaii technically, because Kauai (an island of Hawaii) is what is left of the Lemurian continent.

About 52,000 years ago (50,000 BC), the Anunnaki and their Templar-Annu Illuminati allowed their Anunnaki Resistance allies, the Dracos, to secretly return to Earth, promising them an earthly home if they would assist in infiltration of the Earth cultures. The Dracos are Omicron Drakonian + Human hybrids, basically one of the reptilian races coming in, they are actually originally from Seeding-2 from about a million years ago. The Dracos are running around a lot these days in the UFO Movement. This is where you here UFO people talking reptilian contact. These are the ones they are usually calling the reptilians. They are part Reptilian but they are more Drakonian and they are part human. The Jehovians had let them come in to hassle and to get rid of the Indigo Maji King lines that had originally been in Lemuria. The Dracos infiltrated the Lemurian continent of Muarivhi, creating an extensive network of underground lairs within the tunnel systems that ran between Lemuria and Atlantis. Systematically, the aggressive Dracos began terrorizing the Lemurian culture, extending the reign of terror into Atlantis and various other places. Then the Dracos got greedy and decided they wanted to take over everyone, and so they betrayed the Jehovian Anunnaki and the Templar-Annu and tried to take them over too and actually started terrorizing everybody.

So, the Jehovian Anunnaki decided to flip flop and they started to be nice to the humans and they tried to rally with the people of Atlantis and the Indigo Holy Grail lines and anybody else that they could get to help them to stop the Dracos. Everybody had to get together to figure out how to get rid of the Dracos, they lived underground and so they tried to hold them off in their lairs. Meetings were held by representatives of all the races through which a plan was devised to end the Dracos problem. The humans hoped to use the giant generator crystals which were once given to us 68,000 years ago. It was before all this drama that the Sirian Council allowed the Atlantean and Lemurian cultures to receive gifts from the advanced stellar races, which rapidly developed the technological aspects of society to heights far exceeding present earthly cultures. The Sirian-Blues of Sirius B brought large crystalline power generators to Earth as a gift to the Atlantean and Lemurian cultures. They taught the Ur-Antrians, Lemurians, Annu and Atlanteans how to draw energy directly from the D2 Earth core, and store this energy within the crystal generators.

Well, the humans started getting ideas in their head to use these powerful crystals to create small, pin-point explosions within the underground caverns in order to seal the Dracos within their lairs until the Sirian Council could come and evacuate the Dracos. They tried to barricade them in until somebody could come and get them out, some of the fleets to come in and just get them off planet. So, they managed to get most of the Dracos trapped in underground tunnels. There’s underground tunnel systems all the way beneath the ocean floor, literally beneath the continent and beneath what we call the ocean there now. They used the crystal generators, which are massive Crystal Pylons, which are colossal size crystals the size of skyscraper buildings, and most of them are Selenite Rods, not just quartz but selenite crystal because they run the frequencies better. They weaponized and used those crystalline energies through the planetary grids, it’s a scalar pulse technology to try to seal in the Dracos in the Lemurian caverns, but what happened instead was that they miss-calibrated, the plan back-fired, they hit ley lines and as the Earth grid became energetically overloaded by energy from the generator crystals – a massive explosion occurred within the lands beneath Muarivhi and they literally blew up the center of the continent, it’s main grids, and it literally shattered some of it, it cracked the continent, parts of it fell in. The explosion destroyed the land mass of Lemurian civilization.  It created a mess, and part of it went into reversal and fell into the Phantom Matrix.

The explosion caused massive volcanic activity, earthquakes and floods, and though the Atlantean continent did not suffer massive destruction, it took generations for them to rebuild, and for the Earth to rebalance her grid. Remnants of the Lemurians who survived integrated into Atlantean territories. A small period of ice followed these events, during which most of the races retreated underground, some permanently entering the Inner Earth. After the surface environment stabilized, most of the remaining races returned to the surface to rebuild. Atlantis again became a cultural center, but never again reached its previous height of development. Most of the Dracos were evacuated from Earth by their Anunnaki-Resistance accomplices, and the Templar-Annu Illuminati continued to hold their ground within Atlantean and Egyptian cultures.

Anunnaki & Atlantean Holocaust

In this time period of Atlantis, we will see how the Jehovian Anunnaki and their Annu Illuminati humans, and this time also their cohorts – the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Luciferian Anunnaki, attempt to seize Inner Earth and Atlantis, culminating in cataclysm that reduces the Atlantic Continent to 3 island nations, which were the Atlantean nations of Bruah, Nohasa and Lohas. They went after the Ark of the Covenant (actually spelled Arc) in Giza and they tried to blow a hole in through the security frequency seals on the Arc of the Covenant portal passageway to get into the Inner Earth crystal cities. It started when the Templar-Annu Illuminati grew progressively more hostile within the territories under Sirian Council protection, and many relocated to Atlantis, which was becoming the Templar-Annu strong hold. Angered that they were not permitted to enter the Inner Earth or use the Arc of the Covenant, the Templar-Annu devised a plan to conquer the Inner Earth territories by using the Atlantean crystal generators to tear down the electromagnetic barriers that secured the Inner Earth portals. As if they didn’t learn their lessons in Lemuria, right.

The Templar-Annu began their conquest from the continent of Atlantis, but quickly discovered the Inner Earth portal shields could not be easily destroyed. As they forced excessive power through one of their main generator crystals, the crystal unit exploded, with more than 10 times the force of an atomic bomb. Several other smaller generators also exploded, ripping apart the continent of Atlantis and sending the majority of its land mass under the sea into a watery grave. Following the explosions of 30,000 years ago (28,000 BC), the Atlantean land mass was reduced to three islands and most of its populations were destroyed. Just prior to the explosion, the Sirian Council removed various groups from Atlantis, distributing them throughout various locations on the globe, many being taken to Egypt for re-settling. The Egyptians were forewarned of the coming event, and most of the culture retreated underground into Inner Earth communities, finding shelter from the Earth changes that would result from the explosions.

Only portions of the Atlantean Islands sunk, major parts of what’s called Bruah, Nohassa and Lohas Atlantis still remain above water. These surviving Atlantean islands are actually literally still around and visible in different areas, they’re just renamed, so people today in modern times have no idea we are actually part of Atlantis. What is left of it is sitting right in front of our faces. Lohas (Ulta-Lohas-Ur), northeast Atlantis, is England, Ireland, Scotland, and Whales, and is the location of Earth’s Star Gate-11. These modern day countries are all part of what was Lohas Atlantis. Nohassa (Ulta-Nohassa-Ur, biblical Noah reference), the originally central region of Atlantis, was once an Atlantean territory called ”Phoenicia”, reduced to what remains as the Bermuda Islands, and is the location of Earth’s Star Gate-3. Bruah (Ulta-Bruah-UR), southwest Atlantis, is what’s left of the land around Sarasota Florida, that went into the Gulf of Mexico a little bit, including Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, and Dominican Republic, and is the location of Earth’s Star Gate-2. These surviving Atlantean regions were all part once of the continent of Atlantis, and I will be sharing with you the maps that are part of the Christos information. Each one of these ancient Atlantean islands has literally a story, it could be a book unto itself and how it all happened. We have some of this story, this gets into all sorts of fighting amongst the different competing Illuminati races for who was going to dominate, which actually has to do with Thoth and Enoch. So, this happened in 28,000 BC, so that’s where we ended up with the Atlantean continent becoming an island nation. We have lived a holocaust since Atlantis, and the scary part is we have no memory that we even did that because it’s been such a good con job.

Anunnaki & Biblical Revelation

First of all, there is an original Atlantean Emerald Covenant Revelation story. However, it has been twisted in the Jehovian Annunaki falsification of original Essene biblical scripture, especially in the book of Revelation there were numerous historical references to the “Trumpets of God” and their powers to render the “Wrath of God” on behalf of the “righteous”. The true God Spirit is not wrathful, nor vengeful, but immature Fallen Angelic Annunaki and Anu-Elohim false godlets are. The Biblical “Trumpet” was an Atlantean ”code word” for the sub-space sonic projection technology (mion-field) that has been used by the Jehovian Annunaki as a remote-range weapons system since pre-Atlantean days. Just as the ”Trumpet” and ”Four Beasts” references held a hidden meaning that was not at all ”spiritual” or “esoteric” in nature, but rather a specific reference to a tangible, Annunaki-created scientific technology, so too do the other elements of the Revelation story have a hidden technological meaning. The references pertaining to the “Trumpets,” their “Angels,” “the Four Horsemen,” the “Altar of Gold before the Throne” and the “24 Elders before the Throne” now found in the Biblical Revelations story were not part of the genuine Founders’ Emerald Covenant CDT Plate translations rendered by the Essenes (Indigos during Jesheua time, Jesus).

These colorful pictures of symbolic code were part of a Holographic Insert Program initiated by the Fallen Angelic Jehovian Annu-Elohim and Jehovian Annunaki of Sirius A and Arcturus in the Phantom Matrix. The stories were based partially upon fact, in relation to the technological reality of the natural Planetary Seals (closure, energy blockage of Earth’s Stargates/chakras) that do release or “open” via Star Gate-12 during Stargate Opening Cycles. To “invent” their own version of “Revelations”, through which the Jehovian dominion agenda was intended to be fulfilled, the Jehovian Annunaki gave, as a series of Holographically generated NET  “visions” (Nibiruian Electra-static Transduction field), a twisted version of the original Atlantean Emerald Covenant Revelation story.

The individual responsible for what has emerged as the “Biblical Revelation” interpretation became known as “St. John the Divine,” who was in truth a female Emerald Covenant “Flame Keeper,” born of Blue Flame Melchizedek mother and Jehovian Annu-Melchizedek (Illuminati) father. The Jehovian Annunaki used this individual, through astral Tagging, via their portion of the NET, to bring “prophecy” that would prepare those who followed to fulfill the Jehovian One World Order (OWO) agenda. Emerald Covenant teachings of the D8 Gold light fields of Mintaka (Orion), Universal Star Gate-8, were distorted into the “Gold Altar before the Throne” symbolism. The ”24 Elders before the Throne” represented the Fallen Angelic Jehovian Annu-Elohim forefathers of the Annunaki Nibiruian Council of 24, which was controlled by Jehovian ”pure-strain” Bipedal Dolphin People Annunaki ”Overlords”. The ”visions” given to ”St. John” (female) were a symbolically encoded interpretation of the intended Jehovian OWO agenda scheduled to unfold during the anticipated Stargate Opening Cycle. The Jehovian “Book of Revelation” was based upon Jehovian Annu-Elohim knowledge of Atlantean Emerald Covenant Templar teachings pertaining to Planetary Seals and the behavior of Planetary Seals during the anticipated Stargate Opening Cycle. The Jehovian Revelation story audaciously depicted what the Jehovians intended to do to Earth’s Planetary Shields, during the Final Conflict drama that was scheduled to unfold.  NOTE: Shields are 3-dimensional scalar disc platforms, sort of like the shape of a frisbee but perfectly circular, there is 5 of them relating to the 5 Densities, and each one manifests a 3-dimensional spherical electromagnatic domain around a person or planet, galaxy or universe.

The ”Angel” word in the Jehovian Revelations story does not refer to some ”Divine People”. The symbol code of ”angel” was used to represent an advanced technology called the Jehovian Hyperdimensional Cone, which utilizes external Merkaba Mechanics, an external energy technology that was seeded into Earth’s Planetary Shields, much as were the Phoenix Spikes and APIN systems. APIN stands for Atlantean Pylon Implant Network, which I will make a separate article about, but basically they are the planetary grid networks created by members of the Guardians, which reinforce the original Morphogenetic Fields and support the DNA and consciousness of all planetary life through Ascension. The APIN components are generally linked up using a crystalline-based technology, like embedding computer microchips into the Earth into a selected format. The Guardians have used them in the past for free-energy systems, climate stabilization, healing, interstellar communications and broadcasting networks. However, the different competing Fallen Angelics are creating and using them for harm and as tools of territorial dominion by various competing Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET factions since throughout the Atlantean period. APIN systems differ in the type of Planetary Shield implanting that is used, but all implanting utilizes sophisticated crystal-based technologies similar to the silicon-based microchips used in conventional computer technologies. Then there is also the Hyperdimensional Cones (HD-Cs) were placed as standing-conical-scalar wave clusters imbued into Selenite and quartz rods, which were originally implanted into the Earth’s crust, mantle and Planetary Shields during earlier Atlantean periods, in an unsuccessful attempt to fulfill the Jehovian OWO dominion agenda during the 22,326 BC Stargate Opening Cycle.

The Jehovian Anunnaki and other ETs have been building this powerful planetary weapons system technology since Atlantis, especially when combined with the advanced “Trumpet” technology, as the ancient peoples of Jericho and Babylon unfortunately discovered too late, when the “walls came tumbling down”. The Intruder ET Technology code named the Trumpet has been used on Earth by the Jehovian Annunaki and Necromiton-Andromie Fallen Angelics, primarily during various time periods when our ancient Intruders desired to “keep the earthly populace in line”. Classic Biblical references pertaining to the use of the “Trumpet Technology” can be found in the stories of the “Walls of Jericho Tumbling Down” and the likewise the “Tower of Babel,” and in the fall of “Sodom and Gomorrah”. The Bible, which derived from Jehovian embellishments of edited Emerald Covenant Essene CDT-Plate translations, presents colorful, encoded stories of Intruder ET/Fallen Angelic technological dominion of earthly races presented under the guise of “the Wrath of God”. Decoding the truths hidden within the drama of the Biblical Revelations story will assist us in comprehending the position Earth is presently in regarding advancement of the Fallen Angelic OWO dominion agenda, and the advanced technologies they have at their disposal. Full translation of the “Revelations Story” is extremely pertinent to our times, but this subject is beyond the scope of this article but will be talked about in future articles.

The Hyperdimensional Cones of the Dove APIN are also capable of interfacing with Jehovian-programmed Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network sites on Earth for interplanetary and inter-stellar sub-space communication and access to the NET. The Hyperdimensional Cones of Earth are controlled by the Jehovian Annu-Elohim from Arcturus in Phantom Matrix and from a site on Earth called “Cue-Site-8” in the Takla Makon-Tarim Basin, Tibet. Presently Cue Site-8 serves as the “control matrix broadcast headquarters” for the YHWH-Metatronic- Enochian-Jehovian Annu-Elohim, the Jehovian Annunaki branches of the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command, parts of the ”Archangel” Michael-Nephilim Matrix and factions of the “Great White Brotherhood-Ruby Order” Nephilim and related Vairagi collective that defected from the Emerald Covenant. The Hyperdimensional Cones of the Dove Matrix link Earth to the Seven Selenite Pylon Rods of Phantom Arcturus at Seven Primary Points in Earth’s Planetary Shields. At these Seven points in Earth’s Planetary Shields the seven largest Hyperdimensional Cones are placed, the “Seven Angels of the Seven Churches” in the Jehovian “Revelations” story. The “Seven Angels of Jehovian Destruction” are anchored into Earth’s Planetary Shields through the ”Seven Seals of Jehovah”.

I will be going over all the details of this Jehovian Revelation plan in another article because there is some much to talk about. In Jehovian Revelation, the “Four Horses” have ”Riders”, the Four Horsemen, each supposedly ”given the power by God” (AKA Jehovian Annu-Elohim and Annunaki) to do certain very unpleasant things to the peoples of Earth. ”God” did not give these ”Horsemen” such power or privilege, the Jehovian Annu-Elohim gave themselves this unholy permission while appointing themselves “in the minds of man” as “God”. In Biblical Revelation, the Jehovians depict their great battle and intended victory over the “Great Beast”. At the heart of the “battle with the Beast” story is the Jehovian Annunaki and Annu-Elohim’s long-term competition with the Omicron-Drakonians and the Marduke-Satain family Anunnaki of Alnitak, Orion and Alpha Centauri. This story also reflects the equally vigorous competition between the Jehovian Anunnaki and the Pleiadian-Nibiruian “Luciferian” Anunnaki (Thoth-Enki-Zeta Lulitan family line) of Alcyone, Nibiru and Tiamat. These ancient, competing Fallen Angelic Anunnaki and Drakonian family lines were personified as the ”Satan/Lucifer” character in the Jehovian edits of the Bible texts.

I truly hate to be the bearer of “bad news,” but the reality of the present, highly edited and contrived version of the Bible, like that of the Islamic Koran and other “traditional holy doctrines,” does not represent the “absolute word of God” that so many people hope it does. All religious texts have been manipulated in this way since the 9558 BC fall of Atlantis. For over 11,000 years, Human races have been warring and killing each other on behalf of self-promoted false “Vengeful Gods” from ancient Intruder ET fiction stories. All the while the truth of the Loving God and humanity’s true Spiritual Heritage of the Founders Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings have been repeatedly suppressed, misused, abused, twisted and defamed on behalf of our Fallen Angelic galactic terrorists. How long will we continue to allow these cosmic criminals to use us as pawns in their conquest game for Earth dominion?

The Ascended Masters, Lyran Master Council, Founders Races, Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW), Guardian Alliance (GA) and other races of the Emerald Covenant are pointing out the Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Legion’s intentional deceptive misrepresentation of information to humanity, so humans are better equipped to make intelligent choices regarding what to believe in terms of human history, heritage and potential. Founders Races are presenting detailed explanation of the truth of the Angelic Human lineage, so humanity has the opportunity to form educated opinions regarding contemporary contact, through which educated action can be applied when in confrontation with the ongoing trickery of Fallen Angelic Legions. Representatives of Fallen Angelic Legions will be those first to falsely “reassure” humans that Fallen Angelic races and the contemporary conflict drama don’t exist. Jehovian Annunaki are responsible for promoting and transmitting fundamental religious mind control through Armageddon Software, and use Satanic ritual abuse methods to reinforce religious violence, patriarchal domination and misogyny throughout the human masses.

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  1. AhhhHaaa. Okay now this is making much more sense to me. Thank You Thayvian. Great Articulation my friend, Again thank You.

  2. Valuable information. Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I’m shocked why this accident did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  3. During mediation I have been receiving one word clues and after reading this it all makes perfect sense. When I started my awakening I was drawn to certain locations. Everything I have read so far has put all these pieces together. Thank you so much for writing about this, as now I have been able to get clarity on what it all meant. Amazing work! So glad I found your site-much appreciated!

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