Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters
Ascended Master level

Ascended Masters, a term that is highly misused within the contemporary New Age movement, particularly by 4th dimensional discarnate collectives who interact with Earth humans from the D4 Astral planes, calling themselves by this term, when in fact such D4 groups are hardy more advanced than Earth humans in the evolution toward ascended mastery. True Ascended Masters are not identities who have progressed in partial ascension within the dimensional scales of the Time Matrix. An Ascended Master is a highly evolved Ultra-terrestrial gestalt of consciousness, in pure ante-matter wave form, that exists beyond the dimensions of the Time Matrix, within the 3 levels of the non-dimensionalized Energy Matrix. Though all beings in time originally began their journey of individuation through such an Ultra-Terrestrial Collective, and thus each being has, as part of its higher identity anatomy 3 levels of Ascended Mastery consciousness, a being within the Time Matrix is not considered to be the embodiment of an Ascended Master unless the being has experienced a full projection into the Time Matrix and a full 15-Dimensronal ascension back out of the Time Matrix, before returning to manifestation within time.

The Energy Matrix

The Energy Matrix is three levels of Eternal Collectives of Consciousness in the form of 3 Primal Sound Fields, also called the Khundaray. The Energy Matrix is beyond our 15-dimensional Time Matrix, and is the location of all Ascended Masters, from and through which all conscious life is seeded into time matrices (hologram reality systems). The 3 levels of the Energy Matrix are the Eckatic (1st level of Ascended Masters), Polaric (2nd level), and Triadic (3rd level). The Ascended Master collectives from each of the 3 Primal Sound Fields of the Energy Matrix are collectively called the Eieyani.

The beings that exist within each of these Primal Sound Fields are called Ascended Masters (real ones, not the mistaken ones mentioned in the falsified New Age movement), also called Yanas, Ultra-terrestrials, the Cosmic Trinity, and also called Geomantic Entities as they would appear as geometric shapes made of living light when viewed form an earthly perspective. These are the beings that seed races into our Time Matrix. There are 3 different levels of Ascended Master collectives that form the Primal Sound Fields:

Ascended Masters of the 1st Primal Sound Field of consciousness, the Eckatic Level of the Energy Matrix, first individuation of Source. Also called the “Emerald Order Yanas” or “Blue Flame Yanas.” They are the ones that will later go on to form the Blue Flame Primal Light Field.
Ascended Masters of the 2nd Primal Sound Field, the Polaric Level of the Energy Matrix, second individuation of Source. Also called the “Gold Order Yanas” or “Gold Flame Yanas”. They are the ones that will later go on to form the Gold Flame Primal Light Field.
Ascended Masters of the 3rd Primal Sound Field, the Triadic Level of the Energy Matrix, third individuation of Source. Also called the “Amethyst Order Yanas” or “Violet Flame Yanas”.
Eieyani, Ascended Master Collectives

Source downsteps its consciousness throughout the Eckasha-Aah First God World, and all the way down into the lower heavens where Source Consciousness takes on the identity of the EyanA Councils, who in turn seeded the Eieyani (pronounced “Eyon’-E”) Ascended Master collectives into our Energy Matrix 950 billion years ago. In contemporary times, the Eieyani Ascended Masters incarnate on Earth where they are commonly referred to as Indigo Children. The Eieyani Ascended Masters of the 3 Primal Sound Fields (Energy Matrix) are the Eternal Guardian Collectives that are responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the Energy Matrix and for seeding “life-waves” into Time Matrices. The Eieyani Ascended Masters collectives of the 3 Primal Sound Fields represent our “Cosmic Family of Consciousness,” through which all manifest things are indelibly connected to Source.

The Eieyani has always been, and will always be, an egalitarian, non-hierarchical, non-gender-biased spiritual service collective, who practice the Divine principles within the Law of One, the foundation of all of the Inner Christos teachings. There are small collectives of Eieyani descendants alive, well and living on Earth now, in various global regions, who hold the knowledge (and relics like the CDT-Plates) of pre-ancient Earth and its civilizations. Similar to some more advanced sects of Tibetan Monks, especially those who rarely emerge from their hideouts in the Himalayas, certain members of the Eieyani family line have open contact and direct communication with living civilizations from other places and other times. Every once in a while within humanity's evolution, the Eieyani are permitted to bring back the ancient teachings in their pure form, allowing for the records of the 12 CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts original translations to be re- translated into the languages of the time.

The Eieyani founded the Sirian Council (aka MC Eieyani Master Council or Azurite Council) in Density-5 (dimensions 13-14-15), and appointed a specialized collective of Rishi to manage it as the Primary Guardians of our Time Matrix. The Sirian Council primarily serve as the primary liaisons between Ascended Master Collectives in the Energy Matrix and Guardian Nations in our Time Matrix. They oversee all Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW) activities from Density-5 and incarnate into Azurite Race lines for crisis intervention.

Melchizedek, Ascended Master Family

All Ascended Masters in the Energy Matrix are Eieyani, but there are different families within the Eieyani, similar to how there are different nations, tribes or families within the human race. There are countless different eternal collectives of Eieyani Ascended Masters in the Energy Matrix (the 3 Primal Sound Fields), different families (it is more accurate to call them Tonal Sound Signatures), and the particular "family" that created our Founders races and our Time Matrix is called Melchizedek. So, it is the Melchizedek Ascended Master "family" collective that exists in the Energy Matrix that populated life into our Time Matrix 950 billion years ago. It's a large collective of consciousness. Everything in this Time Matrix is a Melchizedek. It doesn't mean it's a Melchizedek that remembers it is one or that is working with Divine Right Order, but everything came out of this collective of consciousness, it's a name that belongs to all of us. Also, I do not teach the stuff about Lord Melchizedek. This is a classic hijacking that is being run by some of the Anunnaki false ascension teachings, where Lord Melchizedek is running all of this, if you follow that than please read more below.

There's a few biblical references here and there to the name Melchizedek, referring to King Melchizedek who was a Nifilim-Anunnaki. That's not what Melchizedek is limited to. The Anunnaki adopted that name. There is not a Lord Melchizedek, other than a personification of an objectified god figure that the Fallen Angelic Anunnaki matrices are creating. I have seen people that have pictures, certain people have done paintings of Lord Melchizedek because he appeared to them, that kind of stuff. This is not true Melchizedek teachings. In true Melchizedek teachings, there's only one Lord, and we don't call it Lord, we call it God or the Yunasai, because Lord, the way it is used by the "New Age" Anunnaki, implies subservience. Source-God does NOT look at us as things that are suppose to kneel down, bow down and be subservient. God does not pass judgment on us, that was a lie that was put in to manipulate people here in order to make them subservient to outside external authorities, which are anti-Christos teachings that were meant to take you away from your Inner Christos and direct connection to Source, and plug you in to external sources of authority so they could steal your energy.