Azurite Aliens, Blue Angels, Sirian Blues

Azurite Aliens, Blue Angels, Sirian Blues

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The Azurite, are a feline-avian-mantis-cetacean-pegasai hominid, “Blue Angels”, “Sirian Blues”, a super hybrid alien extraterrestrial race from planet Sirius B, which were created 250 billion years ago with the formation of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW). They are a land and water mammal hominid and mostly appear as blue-skinned feline-avians, some bearing feathered heads and wings (angelic), and have Emerald Sun DNA 48 strands. The Azurite race were created by the Density-4 Founders Races specifically to allow for the Melchizedek Ascended Master collectives from beyond the Time Matrix, called the Eieyani from the Energy Matrix, and for also the Density-5 Rishi Orders to incarnate directly into our lower Density systems for crisis intervention. The Azurites were basically created in order to provide greater protection and healing efforts in our Time Matrix, and they were co-created by 5 different primary Founders Races, the Anuhazi (Blue Flame feline race), Cerez (Gold Flame avian race), Aethien (Gold Flame mantis race), Pegasai (Violet Flame avian-horse-deer race), and the Inyu (Violet Flame cetacean “Whale People”). This amazing DNA represents the full spectrum of the three Founders Races original core genetic templates.

The Azurite “Blue Angel” race line originate from Sirius B, nicknamed “Sirian Blues”, and were simultaneously seeded into Densities 1-4 of our 15-dimensional Time Matrix, placed in galactic and planetary proximity to the 12 Universal Star Gates of our Universal Templar Complex. They were the race that was created in order to be able to move through the densities to protect and assist in the healing whenever necessary, including protection of the Stargate complexes of the planetary, galactic, and Universal level. The Azurites were appointed by the 3 Rishi Orders (Emerald Order, Gold Order, Amethyst Order) as the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team, commissioned to protect and repair the structural integrity of our Time Matrix and with assisting all races in their evolution to ascension and freedom from the Time Matrix. The Azurites co-created several different races, such as the Oraphim angelic race, the “Blue Human” Maharaji race, and the Turaneusiam angelic human race, and many others.

The Azurite race are a very blue hominid, they were blue skinned and they had kind of like feathered heads, and it’s considered the Sirian imprint (where the Anuhazi imprint is considered the Lyran imprint). This is where you get the blue humans, which are a combination of a regular human combined with the blue Azurite race, which are the Maharaji blue people. There is also a whole group of these blue people that were hijacked by one of the Drakonian agendas and they are actually negative, so just because it is a blue person doesn’t mean it’s a nice blue person. This is how complicated this drama is, but it helps to understand some of these references because you can say okay, that’s a blue person, if you happen to meet a blue person, which we might in the next 10 years, you never know, in fact we probably will if it goes well. You can meet a blue person and you can realize that okay it might be this race or it might be that race, which means it might be a part of this agenda or it might be part of that agenda. Then, you still need to learn to feel, to sense what type of feeling it feels like that person has, because just because it is blue doesn’t mean it’s nice or doesn’t mean it’s negative.


Azurites Create Angelic Humans

The Azurites were the original first Guardians of this Time Matrix, and they existed way before the human imprint was even created.  The Azurite race line is the originator of all Eieyani races in Density. The Azurites are also the forefathers of the Sirius B Maharagi blue humans, and the Taran Priests of UR, and the Indigo Child Grail Line, and our Turaneusiam Angelic Human race in Density-2. So, Density-2 Angelic Humans were created 560 million years ago to take over this security commission. A new wave of Ascended Master consciousness was going to come in with a body form that was designed to be more tolerant of the carbon based systems of the lower dimensional fields, because the Azurite body form was more geared towards the higher dimensional fields that are more crystal silicate based, so they couldn’t live for very long on a Density-1 carbon planet like Earth.

So, because there were problems happening in all of the lower densities with the Fallen Angelic collectives, the human collective (the human imprint) was created that had more flexibility than the Azurites did so they could enter the war zones of the lower dimensional fields and not have their bodies deteriorate because of it. And, it was because there was so much problems starting in Density-1 with the Phantom Matrix legions that they needed a security force down here as well. The Azurite groups are very tired. They were the original Ascended Masters collectives that came in to try to fix stuff, and after millions of years they are still trying to fix stuff, so finally there was a new wave that came in, like a new breadth of Ascended Masters breathed itself in to manifestation to relieve some of the others so they could ascend back out and kind of regenerate, take a vacation after a very long tour.


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  1. I asked to meet my star parents last year and a beautiful blue male being came to me in my dream. He was both aquatic and avian in nature (fully covered in scales and feathers) and he had warm affectionate eyes, angular face with tiny nose and mouth. His demeanor was extremely benevolent and he conveyed who he was to me telepathically. Your illustration is the closest rendition of my dream encounter. I also see an electric blue orb in front of my left eye on a regular basis. I’ll have to research more. Thank you deeply for your work in breaking down the star races.

  2. I stumbled across this … and even though I don’t understand much of what I’m reading, after coming across this I’m certain I’ve seen them. I had this dream, which it probably wasn’t a “dream” but that’s how my human brain describes it, when I was about 3 or 4yrs old that I distinctly remember even to this day of waking up in my room in bed – I couldn’t move but I could see lying on either side of my bed in these half cylinders were blue alien-like beings just glowing with their eyes shut. It was like theybwere either charging or guarding me? There was a low level humming sound and the bed, even though it was my bed, was sort of levitating? The light coming from them was amazing, I was scared that they would see me wake up so I kept silent. It felt like something out of an Alex Gray painting, I could never really explain my connection to it until finding this.

  3. I had a “dream” a few years ago with a blue figure. I was standing behind him. He turned around and when he turned around and looked at me his blue body starting emitting blue light. I want to say the eyes were green or gold. And he looked at me and said “you remind me of shiva.” Or something to that nature.

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