Dolphins, aquatic

Dolphins, aquatic

Dolphins aquatic are a Bra-ha-Rama Violet Flame race that was seeded 950 billion years ago in Density Universe-4 on planet Aveyon (Lyra). There is the aquatic distinction made because there is different types of dolphins. These are the Dolphins that are similar to the ones we are familiar with versus the Bipedal Dolphin People that the Fallen Angelic Annu-Elohim created. There are even different types of dolphins that are angelic, hybridized with the angelic Oraphim race.

Specialized Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama Oraphim are Cetacean, most closely resembling the Aquatic Dolphin and Whale species of Earth. Unlike the Bipedal Dolphin People of the fallen Anu-Elohim, the Oraphim Cetacean-Dolphins do not have arms or legs, and though capable of breathing air or water, they are designed for mobility in fluid, not on land. The Oraphim Cetacean-Dolphins are pure white or pale-light-blue in color, and specialize in transmitting the sound tones that hold the scalar-wave temples for universal structure in order. The Oraphim Cetaceans created several Dolphin and Whale species on Earth, to serve as their emissaries in maintaining Earth’s biosphere. The fallen Annu-Elohim Bipedal Dolphin People have also seeded several strains of Dolphin, Whale and Shark species into Earth’s biosphere, in attempt to gain sonic control over Earth’s Manifestation Template. Though it is nearly impossible to detect the differences between the Oraphim Dolphin and Annu-Elohim Dolphin species, there are a few subtle differences observable between them. Oraphim Cetacean-Dolphins strains tend to be lighter in skin color, are more vegetarian in diet, prefer warmer waters, are more receptive to human contact, have a more gentle, feminine maternal nature and emit higher-pitched sound frequencies than their fallen Annu-Elohim Cetacean kin.

The original Dolphin People were a brand of Anunnaki, the original pure strain, the first Anunnaki form that was created were the Bipedal Dolphin People of Sirius A. The Dolphin People then created smaller versions of themselves on Earth that transmit sonics into the planetary grids, and they have been transmitting sonics into the grids to progressively help keep the reverse merkaba spin on the planet for many thousands of years. But most of us like dolphins, the good ones that were created out of the Bra-ha-Rama matrix that had their own cetacean thing. These groups of good dolphins aren't associated with Anunnaki at all, which is good. They are the ones that will work with people in healing, but so are some of the other bad ones now because they are being impulsed to do this so they can get into peoples bio-fields. They'll do physical healing while making sure your merkaba stays reversed, which is obviously a bad thing. So, regarding good or bad dolphins, it depends, it's just like looking at a person, even if we are all walking around with either Anunnaki faces, Draconian or Reptilian faces, or human faces, you still would not be able to tell which agenda a being was working until you get to know the being, and it's the same with the dolphins, it's the same with animals. Some can look alike but it doesn't mean it is alike, it doesn't mean it holds the same ideas or intentions. So, don't be afraid of dolphins, but just be aware that some of them are being literally run like puppets, they are being used by the Jehovian matrix. They are very intelligent, but they are not like Jehovian-Anunnaki Over Souls that are here purposely to do harm.

So, as we work with planetary grid healing, as we work with getting the merkaba on the planet set to where it's suppose to be, back to its Divine Blueprint, we are progressively helping these types of life-forms to be set free from those that are using them as puppets, so they can evolve back into their own type of Christos blueprint, so we are helping the dolphins. They are helping to heal in certain ways, some of them are. Others are actually helping the other agenda without meaning to, what we're doing will help them all come back into the Divine Blueprint so they aren't used any more in those ways, and there's lots of other animals that are being used in those ways. It's really heartbreaking. It's more heartbreaking when you really realize humans were created, a part of our creation commission was to take care of the other life-forms that were in smaller form than us, recognizing they are pieces of god that might need a little more help along the way to get back to where they are in full expansion.

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