Elohei Elohim Blue Flame Solar Rishi Founders Race

Elohei Elohim Blue Flame Solar Rishi Founders Race

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Elohei are the Blue Flame Solar Rishi collectives, which are eternal gestalts of consciousness, the very first manifest beings in our hologram-of-matter. Elohei-Elohim are the first of three Solar Rishi (also called Breneau) Founders Race collectives, coming in 950 billion years ago (linear time translation).  Every Time Matrix will have a minimum of 3 groups of Solar Rishi, or Breneau Rishi, or Solar Lords, or whatever you want to call them, that seed the life-field of their Time Matrix. The 3 Solar Rishi collectives are our Universal Family, the Universal Trinity, they are the consciousness collectives that hold the eternal 3 Primal Light Fields (the Kee-Ra-ShA) for their 15-Dimensional Time Matrix (dimensions 13, 14, and 15) that everything else manifests within. So, we have the Blue Flame Rishi, the Gold Flame Rishi, and the Amethyst Order Rishi. They are the primary collectives of Light, conscious light that we are all a part of and all exist within. The Elohei-Elohim are metaterrestrial beings that specifically exist in dimension-13, which is the 1st Primal Light Field (blue) of Density-5 (the Ante-matter Universe), and this is before planets or alien extraterrestrials exist. The Elohei-Elohim are Guardians of the blue Primal Light Field, and they look like blue suns, more like pale turquoise, they are spherical ante-matter constructs, they are thermoplasmic radiation, hot plasma, that’s basically light in a gaseous state, like vapor, it’s before matter solidification, this is why they are considered metaterrestrials vs. extraterrestrials.

These Blue Flame Elohei collectives are the First Light manifestation of Source consciousness, projected by (incarnated from) the highest level Ascended Masters, which are the Grandeyanas from the Eckatic Primal Sound Field level of the Energy Matrix (the cosmos). Sound became Light. Elohei Rishi are the highest encoded ones, they were called the Blue Flame people or the Emerald Order people, the lineage that the Angelic Human race came through, coming down the Densities to get into human form. There’s a whole progression of different types of forms that we come down through, different race lines that build down into the smaller genetic coding that is the human here. So, our true lineage comes from the Emerald Order Elohei Rishi (Breneau) and it comes down through in Density. Please take a look at my Time Matrix diagram, it’s the chart that shows this too, that shows the families of consciousness.

Elohei families are called Keepers of the Blue Flame, and they sustain the 48 Eckatic level ascension codes, and are charter members of the Guardian Alliance and other Christos service organizations, including the Royal House of Aramatena. They are co-creators of the original Azurite, Oraphim, Turaneusiam, Adami-Kudmon, the “Christed” Angelic Human prototype, as well as creators of most hominid, feline and land-mammal life forms in our Time Matrix. The Elohei Rishi served as arbitrators in the long history of conflict between the Elohei and fallen Annu-Elohim Anunnaki races, seeking to assist all in peaceful co-evolution to ascension following the natural laws of Universal Unified Field Physics and the spiritual Law of One. The Elohei-Elohim seeded the blue Anuhazi cat-hominid race 950 billion years ago on D12 Pre-matter planet Aramatena (Lyra) via Universal Star Gate-12, which are the very first extraterrestrial race. Elohei also are the seeded race called Leonine when they came down, stepped down from their Anuhazi Christos template. Their main template was feline, literal cat people, hominid felines, and it’s really funny, you see people that have an issue with cats… usually it’s a higher issue coming between who your Avatar group is and its relationship to Elohei.


Royal House of Aramatena

The Blue Flame Elohei have created what’s called the “Royal House of Aramatena”, which is reference to the Density-4 planet Aramatena, which is the highest ascended version of Earth, and we will be talking about that more in other articles. The Royal House of Aramatena is being represented by the Anuhazi race genetics, and it is just one of the three Royal Houses of Lyra. The “Royal Houses” are the collectives of Christos Founders Races that keep the Founders Race genetic lines, and thus the potentials for Bio-Regenesis of any possible distorted / mutated race line. So, the Royal House of Aramatena are holding the original prototype Blue Flame Elohei genetic potential.


Primary Guardians

The Elohei-Elohim were appointed by the Grandeyanas Ascended Masters as Primary Guardians of our Time Matrix. Also, it was because of the Lyran Elohim Wars 250 billion years ago that the Guardians had to create administration and Templar (Stargate) security teams throughout our 15-dimensional Time Matrix. Firstly, within the Elohei collectives is a specialized Ascended Master collective that was appointed as the main administrative council of all other councils, called the Eieyani Master Council (also called “Sirian Council” or “Azurite Council”), which is the highest administrative council in our densities. Also, the Elohei are co-founders of different universal service organizations, such as:

  • Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW)
  • Azurite Universal Templar Security Team
  • Guardian Alliance


Elohei Guardian Extraterrestrials

The Elohei-Elohim are the creators of our original human lineage, they created the Lyran-Sirian Anuhazi chain all the way down to the Christed 12d Angelic Humans of Tara. Actually, all races entered through what’s called the Cradle of Lyra in Density-4, and it’s associated with the Lyran star system here. If we look up and see the Lyran star system, you take that up to Density-4 and that was the entry point where life was seeded 950 billion years ago into this Time Matrix. This Time Matrix existed way before that, but this was the last life seeding in this Time Matrix, and that’s all we need to really worry about, because 950 billion years of history is enough to deal with for awhile. So, the Blue Flame Elohei created the Density-2 Angelic Human lineage from the Density-4 Lyran Anuhazi race on planet Aramatena, then the Anuhazi race came down into Density-3 Gaia, but because of Angelic Wars, they had to flee into the Sirius star system. Then in Density-3, into there was a combination race that included some of the higher codes of the Solar Rishi back again into the Anuhazi. What was created was the Azurite super race, that’s where the name Azurite Temple comes from. The Azurite race was mostly in Density-2 and Density-3 of Sirius B, and they still are.

Then, the Azurite race was combined again with the Anuhazi to form a race called the Oraphim. These are getting closer to the hominid forms that we have now. The Oraphim were seeded in Density-2 on Tara, but they are also able to migrate to Density-3, so it’s a form that can go between Density-2 and Density-3 and retain its biological integrity. The Oraphim race was the host race out of which the human lineage, the different genetic codings that became the human lineage, were seeded through the Oraphim race. So, technically the human race is the Oraphim race but in smaller form. When we Earth humans eventually evolve and Ascend back into the Oraphim again, our DNA templates are bigger. Now, the Oraphim DNA template has more than 12 strands, so right now from where we are here on Earth, we’re working on 3-strand capacity, let’s worry about the first 12, get those activated, then worry about activating the rest of our organically human (and more) imprint.

So, out of the Oraphim came a race called the Turaneusiam (Angelic Human). When you see Tura (Teura, Teuric), the word that resembles Tura, usually refers to Over Soul, or the ability to embody an Over Soul. So, the race is called the Turaneusiam because they could embody the Over Soul and up to 12 dimensions of consciousness, it was the 12th dimensional Angelic Human pattern. In my Turaneusiam Angelic Human Race video, I get into explaining the Turaneusiam human lineage and that at certain points on the planet called Tara, which is Density-2 of Earth, there were digressions that happened in some of the Turaneusiam lineage. We did not come out of the digressions, we came out of the groups that were repaired back to their original full Turaneusiam form, they were called the Adami-Kudmon, this is where you get the pre-Adamic races when the Enoch teachings talk about the Adamic races. So, that whole line, Lyran-Sirian Anuhazi > Azurite > Oraphim > Turaneusiam > Adami-Kudmon – that’s what the human lineage is, what a human is coming all the way down the scale and density from.


Fallen Elohei, Annu-Elohim

The Elohim and the Seraphim, you hear those names bantered a bit in certain spiritual texts, and there use to be references to them heavily in the bible, but those texts were taken out, most of them. You probably noticed the word Elohei-Elohim itself is two words, Elohei and Elohim. The Elohim part is reference to the distorted versions of Elohei. The Blue Flame Elohei-Elohim had once seeded a race called the Anyu, a feline-aquatic-ape hybrid line, on D11 planet Aveyon (Lyra). It was during the Lyran Elohim Founders Wars 250 billion years ago that the Anyu had started to fall and decided they preferred an anti-Christos agenda, and so the Anyu became the twisted version of Elohei that became what are called the D11 Annu-Elohim, they are Dark Avatars, they are a Fallen Angelic race line. Elohim are the Fallen Elohei and they are the ones that eventually created the legions of many Annunaki races, “Anu Avenger” races of the Sirius star system, including Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki-hominid and “Bipedal Dolphin People” of Sirius A. So remember, Elohei is the positive version (pro Law of One), Elohim is the negative version (against Law of One).

All of them are El families. You have your not fallen Els and you have your fallen Els. That’s what this is all about. This is a family feud in the Elohei-Elohim territories. This is a little bit of where the Anunnaki came from. So, there is a whole bunch of coding that we are carrying in our DNA, and right now most of us couldn’t figure out if we were a human soul in a semi-human body or if we are Annunaki hybrids or Drakonian hybrids or what, because the people who are lizards in human bodies don’t know they are lizards, and the people who are Annunaki don’t know they are Annunaki, and a lot of the people that are learning this stuff would be afraid to find that out, because that means I have more problems, does that mean I am bad? No, it doesn’t, and the teachings here at Christos Avatar explain that.


Emerald Order | Emerald Covenant

The Elohei Rishi can also be called by their order color, which is blue, more like emerald, a blue hue but with some green in it, their order is of the emerald light. The chakra color is actually a pale turquoise, but the Elohei are called the Emerald Order. When we use Emerald, Amethyst, or Gold Order, it’s referring to the Primal Light Field that the Rishi collective came out of. So, the Elohei come out of the emerald blue Primal Light Field of the 13th dimension, you can also call them blue but they tend to use the word emerald. Emerald Order also refers to the Grandeyanas Ascended Masters, that first individuation of sound from Source. So, the Emerald Order Elohei Rishi are the blue Light Field, the first cause Light Field that come out of the first cause Grandeyanas Sound Field, and that is why the holy Elohei are the ones that governed the creation contract of seeding life in this Time Matrix in the first place.

The Elohei Emerald Order are the originators of the Emerald Covenant Co-Evolution Peace Treaty, and that was the treaty upon which the agreements were made, what type of Time Matrix this was going to be, it was going to be a Free Will system (because not all are), it was going to be based on Love. This Emerald Covenant is the original covenant where consciousness of the Ascended Masters agreed on what the game rules were as they began to create the Hologram-of-Matter. Elohei are basically like the core blueprint of all life in existence in our Time Matrix. The Emerald Covenant is a translation of that core Divine Blueprint, the original intention for this Time Matrix, as it was agreed by Source, the Ascended Masters, and the 3 Rishi Founders Races.

The Emerald Covenant Co-Evolution Agreement is the Emerald Order’s original co-creation treaty for this Time Matrix that was built upon loving co-creation and co-evolution. The Emerald Covenant is the peace treaty for this Time Matrix that says that everybody will be nice to each other and we will co-evolve here, it’s a Founder’s treaty. Obviously this Emerald Covenant is being broken by several Fallen Angelic races, however all other beings following the Emerald Covenant are always willing to work lovingly, equally, cooperatively and co-creatively with individuals or organizations that genuinely promote and demonstrate the Founder’s Freedom Teachings of the Inner Christos. The Founders and the Christos teachings include the Emerald Covenant, the Law of One, and the Lyran-Sirian model of peaceful, co-creative egalitarian self-sovereign co-evolution.

The Law of One represents the Ascended Master’s protocol of divine right interrelationship, which promotes unconditional love, co-nuturing, and healing of all races through the recognition that all manifest beings are faces of Source manifest. There is only ONE consciousness Source-God, and all things and beings are living diversified expressions of that common identity. The Law of One recognizes that beings who conduct themselves in seemingly ungodly ways are those who have most forgotten this core truth of their divine identity. Through healing and re-awakening of the god-spark within, the D12 Inner Christos, any being can eventually remember and embody its blessed heritage. When this memory returns, unconditional love and co-creative divine right interrelationship become the natural embodied instinct, and acting as if the God in all things matters, becomes the only sane and rationally use of the divine gift of self-sovereign free will.

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