Elohim of Density-3 Sirius B


Elohim are an etheric Density-3 Christos Founders race of Sirius B, created by the Lyran-Sirian-Anuhazi, who would become overseers for the Sirian races in Density Univers- 2. The Elohim became one of the numerous supervisory groups within the Turaneusiam 12 Tribes experiment, due to the Sirian race contribution of genetic identity to the experiment. During this period the Elohim of DU-3 interbred with Lumians (Lemurians) who carried the Cerrasz Turaneusiam sub-race strain in their gene codes, creating a race called the Ceres, which purified the genetic strain of the Lumians of Tara. (Descendants of the Ceres later became known as the Seres, who interacted with DU-1 Earth humans at various periods).

Several groups of ETs and metaterrestrials from the higher Density Universes wanted to stop the evolution of the earthly races and abandon the Turaneusiam 12 Tribes experiment. The Resistance groups began a war with the Elohim and those of the Covenant of Palaidor in DU-2. Entities of the higher Universes descended upon Earth, and great battles of pure energy were fought in Earth's local galaxy and within Earth's atmosphere. These events became known as the Electric Wars. As a result of damage from the Electric Wars, the Elohim had to move the Sphere of Amenti and placed it in a secure position in deep space within the 4th-dimensional frequency bands. After a period of development, the human evolutionary imprint began to prosper, and about 900,000 years ago the Elohim, and the Sirian Council, Seres and Palaidorians of DU-2, re-entered the Sphere of Amenti into the Earth core.

Still angered over Elohim interference with their Nephilim race, the Anunnaki from Sirius A devised a plan to destroy the Sphere of Amenti and utilize the Earth humans as a worker race to harvest Earth gold for Anunnaki purposes (the Anunnaki of Sirius A needed gold to replenish depleting elements within their planetary atmosphere). Wars broke out between the earthly Nephilim and the Serres which escalated about 850,000 years ago into a great intergalactic war between the Elohim and the Anunnaki, each fighting for control of the Earth territory and the evolutionary direction of the human lineage. This war became known as the Thousand Years War as it lasted approximately1,200 years (850,000 - 848,800 years ago). Most of the Earth races sought exile in other planetary systems, some retreated to the Inner Earth and most of the Nephilim were relocated to Sirius A and later to the planet Nibiru. The few races remaining on the surface were destroyed by the ravages of high-tech war. Again the Rishi of DU-5 had to intervene, and about 848,800 years ago they assisted the Elohim and Sirian-Anunnaki to negotiate a treaty through which both the Anunnaki and Elohim would assist in the Third Seeding of the human lineage. The Thousand Years’ War between the Elohim and the Anunnaki brought an end to the Second Seeding of the human lineage on Earth.

The chaos which resulted from the misfortunes of Akhenaton’s reign also created a major division within the ranks of the Elohim, the Sirian Council of DU-2 and the Ra Confederacy from the Meta-galactic Core. Dispute arose as to what should be done with the program of human evolution. The majority of Elohim had abandoned their loyalty to the human races in general, and saved their attentions for Annu-Melchizedeks and Hebrew peoples to whom they had closer genetic ties. The Elohim have a mixed history of good and bad. They originally followed the Law of One but then started promoting a distorted sexist racist patriarchal version of it. In the years following Akhenaton’s demise, the Elohim and Sirian Council began showing their favoritism of these groups by purposely influencing the developing cultures to adopt the distorted Templar Creed. They believed that by promoting male dominance within the races (which was already a rampant distortion promoted by the corrupted Serres-Egyptian line), the course of interbreeding could be controlled. By controlling the women "breeders" and influencing a male elite to practice interracial discrimination, the Elohim's preferred lineage of humans could be kept genetically pure. These selected “chosen ones” would be given special privilege of ascension if they followed the teachings of the Elohim’s altered Templar Creed. The Elohim had basically given up on the rest of the human population, and made no attempt to assist the general populace in realigning the damage done to their genetic codes through the propagation of the Templar-Axion DNA Seal.

The Azurites and Elohim worked together through the Melchizedek Starseed race, establishing the Essene brotherhood about 1240 BC, which was originally designed to bring the undistorted Templar teachings of the Law of One back into manifestation on Earth. Within several generations the biased Elohim took the project in their own direction, interbreeding some of the Starseed Melchizedek families with the Hebrew-Melchizedeks and promoting the patriarchal Templar Creed, which became the primary focus of the Essene Brotherhood teachings. The Melchizedeks and Hebrew Essenes who were under the influence of the patriarchal Elohim were known as the Templar-Melchizedeks. This group emphasized the patriarchal slant of the Templar creed within the Jewish faith and heavily influenced the evolution of the Christian faiths. The Templar-Melchizedek Essenes were taught by the Elohim to believe that they were God’s chosen people and that they held the key to ascension.