Emerald Sun Oraphim, feline-avian-cetacean, angelic

Emerald Sun Oraphim (angelic)

Emerald Sun Oraphim, feline-avian-cetacean (angelic): At various times in Earth human evolution, certain families of Starseed race humans were further genetically enhanced through hybridization with the Oraphim, the seed race out of which the original "Angelic" Turaneusiam human lineage emerged. The Oraphim human seed race is a composite genetic code of Sirian Azurite from Density-2 (dimensions 4-6), Lyran-Sirian-Anuhazi from Density-3 (dimensions 7-9), the Breanoua Starseed avatars from Density-4 (dimensions 10-12), and the Elohei rishi from Density-5 (dimensions 13-15). The human Starseed Oraphim hybrid is known as an Emerald Order Oraphim. In contemporary times they are referred to As "Indigo children''. The DNA template of an Emerald Order Oraphim has A 24-48 DNA strand potential, which allows for biological immortality and full biological transmutation out of the dimensionalized Time Matrix when fully activated.

The Emerald Sun Oraphim 24-48 strand DNA template (which contains within it the original human 12-strand DNA template, plus the additional coding) is called the Emerald Sun DNA. Oraphim humans are known as the primary "Grail" Lines, those carrying the "Holy Grail", or DNA template design that can fully transmute out of matter and hold Ultra-terrestrial (beyond-time) consciousness in embodiment. Consciousness incarnating into the Emerald Order Oraphim biology enters from a minimum of the 13th dimension. The primary Grail Lines among Earth humans, entered into Earth's gene pool 800,000 years ago, later became the lineage through which Jesheua Melchizedek's "Christiac" family lines emerged following his birth in 12BC.

The Emerald Sun Oraphim "Founders" genome accelerates the evolution of Earth human populations. The Emerald and Diamond Sun Oraphim and Starseed race hybrid-humans collectively represent the primary Grail Lines or "Christiac" lines among Earth human populations.