Time Matrix

Extraterrestrial Races | Guardian Founders & Fallen Angelic ETs

Extraterrestrial Races: there are countless beings that exist in our 15-dimensional Universe, which is called a Time Matrix, hologram-of-matter, whose beginnings reach hundreds of billions of years far back beyond known recorded history on Earth. Visitors were called "Angels", or spirits, in ancient texts. Today they are called "ETs". Angels and ETs are the same interdimensional interstellar races. Visitors come from 5 different matter-density levels within our 15-dimensional Time Matrix. Some of these countless otherworld beings, extraterrestrials, meta-terrestrials, ultra-terrestrials, are our Guardians and Christos Founders Races who work with the Angelic Human Races, presently interacting with Earth through occasional physical contact, physical ships, plasma ships, Inner-Earth portals, Merkaba and Star-Gate transport, telepathy and other subtle contact methods, dream-state, channeling, abduction, and invitation.

Unfortunately, negative ETs, who are the Fallen Angelic Legions (Anunnaki and Draconian races), are also interacting with Earth and Humans through Illuminati (Leviathan races) covert operations, physical abduction, "channeled" and telepathic subtle contact methods. These "Intruder Races" manipulate Humans through monitoring, physical and astral abduction, scalar mind control, EMP technologies, scalar-pulse bio-neurological blocking, frequency fence, holographic insert, audio insert, frequency implants, crop circles, disinformation through government infiltrates, ET contact, "angel visits", physical implants inserted during abduction, shape-shifting, cloning infiltration, and body snatching. To understand the locations from which Visitors emerge, it is necessary to understand the basic structure of our multi-dimensional reality.

It's important to learn about the who's who in the wonderful world of the Guardian and Angelic races, so we can realize who we are talking to, taking about, and talking with. There is a Divine Hierarchy here, as far as who is in higher frequency and who is in the middle and lower frequencies, but it is not a hierarchy like some of the Anunnaki teachings will tell you. It is not a hierarchy of "Lords of this" and "Lords of that", it's not a hierarchy of the big ones on top who control and manipulate the little ones on bottom. It's not a hierarchy like our governments tend to do. It is a hierarchal structure, only in the sense that certain frequencies are higher than others, and that allows for more consciousness to be held within forms within those frequencies. So, when we talk about the structure of who's who in the higher dimensions, who's in the middle, who's in the lower dimensions, it's not about the power struggle games that are created out of an elitists hierarchy. In descending order of administration, all Christos Emerald Order organizations are co-operatives and do not work under authoritarian hierarchical order, but rather through co-creative agreements based upon principles of Law of One communion, and genuine non-patriarchal Maharata-Inner Christos teachings. You will learn and discover where these divine beings exists within our dimensional reality structure.

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