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My name is Thayvian. It is a pleasure to meet you! I am an Indigo child (grown up) and I represent the Christos Emerald Covenant Founder races, who seeded (created) our Human lineage 560 million years ago. The spiritual knowledge that I teach comes from these same creator Christos Founder races who exist up in the higher 12th dimension, which are called Christos Avatars, whom themselves were created by their primary founder races the Blue Flame Elohei-Elohim. This information / knowledge is brought down to the planet in different periods of time called Ascension cycles in the form of Holographic discs translated into advanced spiritual texts for the Human collective. Earth is now undergoing an Ascension cycle, also called a Star Gate Opening Cycle. Indigo children are born and after becoming awakened in this lifetime to their spiritual task of translating these teachings into texts, like I am doing here online, to assist the human race in Ascension. Ascension is Star Gate passage. The evolutionary objective of human creation is mastery, which is progressively attained through the dynamics of Transmutational Dimensional Ascension. Ascension is therefore the intrinsic and indelible goal within human evolution, the hidden impetus for action that moves the human species forward in time.

This is a brand new launched website. In this section of information and articles, I will be adding spiritual information and knowledge about the true Structure of Reality, the DNA Template, Kundalini Energies, Chakra System, Subtle Energy Body Anatomy, Merkaba Fields, Ultra-Micro Particles, Star Gate Mechanics, Ascension Mechanics, and also detailed information about the true history of the Angelic Human race. Please have patience as I release and share this ancient universal teachings from the Emerald Covenant Indigo Grail Line Founders races to my website during the next couple of months. You don't want to miss this profound epic journey! The Great Work has started. Let Thy Seeds sprout. Namaste, Holy Ones. Subscribe and Follow me on Facebook!

Crystal Child