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Ancient aliens & ETs are real and so is the spiritual war with the alien Anunnaki and the Alpha Draconians, which are reptilians that look like demons. We also discuss the positive Founder races, such as the Blue Flame Elohim, Gold Flame Seraphim, the Violet Flame, Anyu & Anuhazi cat beings.

Starseed awakening stages and the 5D spiritual ascension process and 12 strand DNA activation is happening now. What is Spirituality for beginners? What is the Law of One Ra Material and Unity Consciousness?

What are Starseed awakening signs? Are you experiencing spiritual Ascension symptoms & traits within 5D Earth? Are you studying the Law of One (the Ra Material), or started your merkaba and chakra 12 strand DNA activation? Many Starseeds & Indigo Children have started experiencing spiritual awakening signs and stages during this enlightenment shift. In today's video, we will talk more about Earthseeds & Star Seeds, Indigo Child Holy Grail line, Unity Consciousness, and the multidimensional Parallel Universe.

Pleiadian Starseeds are spiritual awakening in stages and experiencing signs during this 5D shift and spiritual ascension process, and according to the Law of One Ra Material - star seeds and indigo children are going through 12 strand DNA activation.

How to get through 5D Ascension symptoms in your spiritual awakening? Does your doppelganger in the parallel universe exist? Are we living in a multiverse? There is a supernatural higher consciousness developing within the Starseeds awakening, and the paranormal Maji Indigo Children Holy Grail Line. Time for 12 strand DNA activation, 2022.

Are you an Indigo Child Maji Holy Grail Line learning about Ascension? Have you learned how to go beyond Shadow and Ego into Christ Consciousness? Did Jesus actually teach Ascension?

The secret to Ascension is developing your Christ Consciousness, also called Unity Consciousness or the Sacred Law of One. Your Divine Blueprint, your 12-strands, 12-stargates, 12-tribes, your 12 chakras of your Templar, or DNA Template, are used to accelerate and evolve your spiritual awakening and your connection to Source-God. Master energy and consciousness and develop telepathy.

Discover how a Starseed quickly accelerates their spiritual Ascension with chakra activations. Indigo Children and Starseeds utilize Sacred Spiritual-Science, whose practices center around the teachings of the sacred Law of One or Unity Consciousness, also called Christ Consciousness. The original Inner Christos teachings promoted kindness, gentleness, tolerance and power through comprehension of sacred energy mechanics and consciousness embodiment of the God-force.

There is a Spiritual War within our Ascension process involving many beings such as Jehova, Lucifer, Elohim, Thoth, and the Anunnaki. How will you activate the Violet Flame and open your 3rd Eye and navigate your chakras towards your Spiritual Awakening.

Learn the 5D secrets of Ascension and meditation from your own Higher Self. Develop your Unity Consciousness and your merkaba through the practices of the Law of One. Some of you are an Indigo Child and are part of the Guardian Alliance.

Spiritual Ascension is happening now on our planet for the Indigo Child, the human 12 Tribes Earthseed races and extraterrestrial Starseeds. Learning the truth about your chakra and the Law of One will accelerate your Spiritual Awakening.

Extraterrestrial Anunnaki vs Reptilian Draconian, both want SpiritualWar and Dominion over the human 12-Tribes. This is a big reason why you want to develop your Ascension and Spiritual Awakening.

Ascension is a transmutation, a metamorphosis, it is a rising of Christ Consciousness, Law of One. You can use psychic tools such as crystals or incense for cleansing. We are in a spiritual war with different races of Extraterrestrial is this Holographic Universe.

There is a Spiritual War in our Ascension drama with malevolent Extraterrestrial races such as the Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Legions and also their buddies the Galactic Federation vs. the Guardian Indigo Child.

Ascension is a Spiritual Awakening. Are you a Starseed or Indigo Child? Learn how to activate your 3rd Eye and stop the Reincarnation cycle. Realize your multidimensional Christ Consciousness..

How you can learn Ascension and develop the Law of One Unity Consciousness, which is also part of connecting to your Higher Self. A Chakra is a Stargate and the connection to dimensions of conscious energy. Remember your Divine Blueprint, Indigo Child.

Starseed vs. IndigoChild. Indigos are "Sirian Blue Babies", part of the Christiac Holy Grail Lines. Angels and Ascension. Develop your Prana and subtle energies of your Chakras. Expand your Consciousness and your Psychic Powers.

Starseeds and Indigo Children are highly evolved seed races that come to another planet, such as Earth, to help create a new race and to help humans with their Ascension process. Starseeds originate from other star systems or galaxies, Multiverse, other planets, other races, hence the name Star Seed, so they represent the extraterrestrial DNA portion of a hybrid race. Earthseed races (Root races) represent the terrestrial portion of DNA. For example, our future human race has 12-strands of DNA which includes 7 terrestrial Earthseeds and 5 extraterrestrial Starseed races.

Ascension is about running current through your Chakras. Each Chakra represents Dimensions. Our heritage as Starseeds and Indigos is part of Atlantis and the Law of One.

Starseed and Indigos are going through a Spiritual Awakening. This Consciousness and Spirituality is part of the Law of One.

Indigo Children are extraterrestrial future race human hybrids, a "new breed" of children because they represent a new breed of consciousness, now entering incarnation within our time period of spiritual Ascension. Indigo Children display unusual physical and psychological attributes that separate them from the "norm", possessing sometimes supernatural traits or abilities, such as enhanced immunological systems and advanced genius or highly gifted intelligence, to more extra-ordinary abilities of a "paranormal" nature that we most often do not hear about in mainstream analysis. The secrets of the Indigo Child distinction lies within their intrinsic spiritual nature and their connection to our DNA, to Starseeds, Inner Earth, Ascended Masters, and our future. Learn more about Indigo Children.

Time Matrix, structure of our real reality. External reality is a holographic projection, it is a thought-form construct. Learn about Dimensions and Densities. Discover Parallel Earth from the Anti-Particle Universe, realize the hidden secrets about Inner Earth, which is populated by Starseeds and Indigo Children. Find out about the unnatural Black Hole system called the Phantom Matrix, home of the Phantom Earth and other fallen systems and Legions of Fallen Angelic ETs who desire to claim dominion over our human race during this Ascension cycle.

Inner Earth, sometimes confused with the Hollow Earth theory, is a secret mysterious world in another dimension, a future version of our world in another Time Continuum 2,213 years in the future, only accessible through spiritual Ascension or by Stargates and Portals. Inner Earth is also known as Agartha or Shamballah by the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, who consider it to be a spiritual kingdom that is said to exist somewhere underground between the Himalaya Mountains and the Gobi Desert. Learn more about the Inner Earth.

Angelic Human Race, Forbidden Knowledge, we are Avatars from Dimension 12 and beyond, called the Turaneusiam from planet Tara, an ancient hybrid ET race with the genetics of 12 Tribes, or 12 different races, 7 are Earthseed races, including the Atlanteans and Lemurians, 5 are Starseeds from Inner Earth, including the Melchizedeks and various Indigo Children. Learn the hidden secrets of our real reality, our original home planet, our true race history that started 560 million years ago in higher evolved realities. Learn about the secrets of the human genetic hybridization DNA experiment and how it relates to our spiritual Ascension process, which includes the Sphere of Amenti, and also about the distortions, blockages and mutations in our DNA from manipulation by and inter-breeding with various negative ETs or Fallen Angelic races, such as the Anunnaki or the Draconian legions of reptilians, insectoids, dinoids, including the Zeta Grey Aliens, Drakon winged-reptilians, Dracos human-reptilian hybrids, Raptors, and Chupacabras. Discover and explore the technologies of portals, stargates, reincarnation, body transmutation, Fall of Man, lost souls, identity fragmentation, disembodied consciousness, morphogenetic fields, and learn about particles, anti-particles, the Parallel Earth, Adjacent Earths, E-Den, and about the races involved in our experiment, such as the Egyptians, Hebrews, the Sirian Council, Elohim, Anuhazi, the Priesthoods of Mu and Ur, Pleiadians, and the Palaidorians.

Ascension Stargates, Guardian Alliance, DNA Key Codes. This is Part 1 of this series called Secret Mysteries of Ascension, Atlantis & Egypt. The science of Ascension is the science of Stargates. Ascension is Stargate passage. All planets and stars (suns) have Star Gates at their core, which open and close at various points in long term cycles. Every 26,556 years, Earth's Star Gates can open if the planetary core frequency is high enough. There are natural Vortices, Time Portals, planetary Star Gates, Galactic and Universal Star Gates, Ley Lines and free energy systems generated through Earth's planetary core, which were used regularly by the Atlantean and Egyptian cultures. There are also Stargates and portal systems created with technology, such as Earth's Halls of Amenti Stargates and the Mintaka Stargate complex system in the Metagalactic Core of dimension-8. In advanced ancient human cultures, Ascension technologies represented a natural attribute of consciousness expansion into the realms of higher evolution, to develop the DNA in order to utilize Stargates to experience time travel to more advanced future cultures. The last full Star Gate opening cycle, called a "Stellar Activations Cycle" or "DNA Transmutative Activations", occurred in 208,216 BC, resulting in cataclysm, pole shift and deactivation of Earth's Star Gate and core energy grid system.

There are people among us, that fit into the Indigo Children or Oraphim category, doing a service for the human race, who carry the Star Gate key codes in their body, literally in the electro-tonal patterns of their DNA, the security encryption key codes, also called DNA fire letters. These DNA codes are what enable these races to release the Stargate seals when needed. That is why such races are the Guardians of our planetary Stargates, we are the Guardians on the Earth level, Tara level, Gaia level, and the way up to the Aramatena level. We are the Guardian Alliance. Learn more about the Ascension Stargates.

Andromeda Galaxy, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Ark of the Covenant, the Great Flood, the Blue Flame. This is Part 2 of this series called Secret Mysteries of Ascension, Atlantis & Egypt. We continue our Ascension journey and discuss the secrets and truth of the Ark of the Covenant and reveal how it is used as a portal bridge to connect to the Blue Flame of Tara, which is composed of the necessary 4th and 5th-dimensional frequencies for Ascension, which is located inside of the Sphere of Amenti that is now secretly hidden in the core of an unknown planet within the Andromeda Galaxy. After petitioning assistance from numerous star systems to provide security for the Sphere of Amenti, cooperation was given from both Density-1 and Density-2 Sirians, Arcturians and Pleiadians, who are now our friends and are part of the evolution of our Ascension process on Earth. We also receive security and assistance from several interdimensional Guardian groups and unified collectives of Guardian Angelic Nations, such as the Sirian-Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense, the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, and the Association of Planets in Andromeda.

Discover the mysteries of the ancient Egyptians and their secret connection to the Atlanteans, and learn the truth about their extraterrestrial hybrid origins with the elongated heads of the royal Pharaonic line, and also about their evolution on another planet in Sirius B. Learn the real truth about the Hebrews and their special advanced genetics and connections to two different Starseed races, as well as their evolution with the Pleiadians. Today we will be discussing the events of the Third Seeding of the human race, with the introduction to the Urtite Guardian Races, which is the Host Race for the seeding of the Earthseed and Starseed races. We will also be going over the ancient Vegan Wars that started on the planet Vega in the higher evolved Universes, and also about the Temple Wars that started in Inner Earth 669,000 years ago.

Melchizedek Starseeds, Anunnaki, Annu, Elohim, El (Deity). This is Part 4 of this series called Secret Mysteries of Ascension, Atlantis & Egypt. The Melchizedek Starseeds are one of the more advanced Starseed races, who act as a Host Matrix which serves as a surrogate soul matrix for other races that have distorted DNA templates, used to realign the human genetic codes in preparation for Ascension. The Melchizedek Starseeds were a Host Matrix for the negative Anunnaki DNA strain to hybridize with the human lineage, so the Anunnaki could evolve and to get rid of their genetic mutations, which created the hybrid race called the Annu amongst the ancient Atlantean culture, also called the Annu-Melchizedeks. Learn more about the El deity and the El families and their family feud in the higher evolved Elohim territories at the Over Soul and Avatar levels.

Advanced Atlantean and Egyptian ET Technology, Templar Anunnaki Resistance. This is Part 5 of this series called Secret Mysteries of Ascension, Atlantis & Egypt. In the ancient days of Atlantis and Egypt, the Earthseeds and Starseed cultures all thrived under the influence of the advanced stellar races. Permission was granted by the Elohim and Ra Confederacy to allow power to be drawn from the Blue Flame of Amenti through the passageway of the Ark of the Covenant portal. The power of the Blue Flame allowed Atlantean civilization to access multidimensional frequency, through which the Earth's gravitational pull could be neutralized, objects could be manifested and de-manifested, objects could be teleported to desired locations. Using the power of ET technology, the Atlantean and Lemurian cultures thrived. The Annu-Melchizedek and Hebrew peoples became the primary Earth guardians of the Ark of the Covenant portal. Also during this time, the teachings of the Law of One were slowly distorted into the False Creed of the Templar Solar Initiates, the dark priests of Atlantis, which the Anunnaki Rebellion had helped devise, came to replace the sacred spiritual teachings, creating division and social unrest within Atlantean and Egyptian civilization. Learn more about these negative Annu, which are called the Templar-Annu, who began to spread their influence into other cultures, gaining covert control over Egyptian lands and several other smaller cultural centers

The Truth about the Egyptian Gods, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Hathor, Anubis, Secrets of the Pyramids & Sphinx, Teleportation, Ankhs. This is Part 6 of this series called Secret Mysteries of Ascension, Atlantis & Egypt. Do you really understand what is an Egyptian god? Are you worshipping a fake externalized god? From Egyptian Falcon Cults to Egyptian Osirius-Isis Mystical Schools, what are you really serving? When we go back to look at Egyptian history and their many gods, we're looking partially at ET history, because what's heavily involved in the Isis/Osiris/Horus, Hathor and Anubis issues, we're dealing with beings who came as representatives from consciousness collectives from higher dimensional worlds and matter forms, and some of them were positive and some of them were negative, got corrupted, some were twisting the Sacred Egyptian Teachings, which over time developed a strong elitist, sexist, patriarchal slant due to Atlantean and Sirian-Anunnaki influence, which is the distorted teachings of the original Templar Solar Initiates. Learn the secrets of the Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza like you have never heard anywhere else, about teleportation, and how the Egyptian ankhs are advanced technology that were charged with this Blue Flame 5th dimensional frequency, which was free power, very high power, free energy, and you could control all sorts of things with it.

Giza Stargate to Alcyone, Pleiades, Destruction of Atlantis, Rebuilding of the Sphinx & the Great Pyramid, Teleportation, Fleet Intervention, Pole Tilt, Alcyone, the Pleiades, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Galactic Federation. This is Part 7 of this series called Secret Mysteries of Ascension, Atlantis & Egypt. What really happened to Atlantis? Are you still following the mainstream perceptions? Giant crystals from Sirius B were brought to Earth to benefit the Lemurian, Atlantean, and Egyptian cultures in advancing their fledgling galactic societies, to facilitate and provide the massive energy needed for their growing and thriving civilization, and serving as a counterbalance to the Anunnaki Resistance and Templar-Annu forces that continued to assert their influence on Earth. Humanity enjoyed the benefits of open relationship with advanced ET cultures because of the Giza Stargate. It was through this literal teleportation that the Galactic Federation and Sirian Council fleets could instantaneously come to Earth's defense when needed, because there has already been attacks from those negative ET Fallen Angelic races who have destroyed the Mars Observational Outpost and damaged our Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza, and so both had to be rebuilt twice over. When the Templar-Annu sent their destroyer beam EM pulse through the Ark of the Covenant portal, the EM pulse intercepted the Sphere of Amenti with its security seal, causing a chain reaction explosion within most of the operational giant crystal generators, the catastrophe causing the sinking of Atlantis into a watery grave within the caverns beneath the ocean floor.

Galactic Quarantine, Frequency Fence, Rod and Staff. This is Part 8 of this series called Secret Mysteries of Ascension, Atlantis & Egypt. Are Earthlings alone? In today's modern age, a lot of people believe in intelligent life beyond Earth and think some UFOs that people have spotted have been alien spacecraft visiting our planet from Other Worlds or galaxies. In 9540 BC, there was an energetic barrier called the Amenti Frequency Fence put around our entire planet by the Sirian Council, Elohim, Ra Confederacy, the Palaidorians, and other Guardian races in order to prevent the Sphere of Amenti from being destroyed. A Frequency Fence is a type of scalar pulse technology. Though this protective measure by the Guardians was necessary at the time, it also stunted the planet's ability to evolve naturally out of Density-1, which prevents anyone with less than 5 strands of DNA from Ascending. The most treacherous problem created by this Atlantean misadventure was that the overall effect of the Amenti Frequency Fence and the security tactics used to enforce it, was that the physical Earth and its peoples were put under Galactic Quarantine, losing all direct assistance from and relationship to the multidimensional, inter-galactic communities, and it also prevented human consciousness from accessing different levels of their higher self / higher identity. Humanity is now living in the dark ages. Learn the truth about the Rod and Staff and about how these objects enabled humans to enter the Inner Earth portals and could be used to facilitate healing, to influence weather patterns and to access the portals of Parallel Earth.