Insectoid Reptilian Alien


Insectoids, Reptilians, Dinosaurs: The Gold Flame Insectoid, Reptilian, and Dinosaur genetics are kind and gentle creatures that were utilized in different race strain hybridization experiments by the Seraphei in D10 planet Vega (Lyra) and have been used to create a variety of different hybrid forms. Many such races became part of the countless Fallen Angelic Legions, such as the insectoid Zeta "gray aliens", or the Omicron Draconians who were insectoid-reptilian-dinosaurs with the nickname of “Dragon-Moth”, or the Odedicron “reptilian” race who are avian-reptiles, and there are also Drakon dragon creatures who are winged reptilians, or the "Dark Angels" of the Azriel gargoyles... these are a lot of scary looking creatures that want to kill you or have dominion over you. Many such beings are mislabeled as demons, but they are really just inter-dimensional aliens from other planets and other Density Universes who serve the anti-Christos agenda.

Insectoid Reptilian Extraterrestrial Races