The Law of One, The Emerald Covenant, Christos Angels, Fallen Angels

Greetings, Holy Ones. Here at Christos Avatar, we explore and share the higher, more advanced levels of spiritual knowledge, which necessitates learning about the real structures of our reality, what is the true secret origins of the Christos Angelic Human Race, what are the different levels of dimensions and the different levels of spiritual beings, and much much more. If you are searching for such topics, it is a possible sign that you yourself are a Starseed or Indigo. Welcome Brothers & siStars, we are the Guardian Angelic Nations! This information originates outside of the manipulation, deception, and exploitation of the Fallen Angelic New Age movement.

I will be talking about higher-level advanced beings who are considered our creators, AKA Founders, who seeded us on Earth and other dimensional worlds and times. They are called the Eieyani, pronounced 'E-yon'-E, which means “of the Yanas”, which are Ultra-terrestrials, or Ascended Masters, that originate from ethereal eternal collectives outside of our manifest Time Matrix, beyond the 15th dimension, which is beyond all "physical" perceived worlds and life forms. Eieyani are also the incarnate manifest forms of the Christos Founders Races, which are among the highest level of beings within our simulated Hologram of matter, which is called a 15-Dimensional Time Matrix. Also, beings that live in dimensions 10, 11, and 12 are called Avatars (D10, D11, D12). The secret hidden truth about our humanity is that the Christiac Angelic Human Race originates from these 12th dimensional Avatars, D12 is our true spiritual heritage. The lower parts and aspects of our consciousness existing within our 3rd dimension (D3) of reality is much more distorted compared to our original D12 Christos Higher Self, but all Humans retain 12th-dimensional frequencies in our distorted junk DNA, which needs to be regenerated and transmuted. This is done by utilizing the ancient spiritual-science of DNA Template Activations, in order to move up the spiritual levels with the techniques of Transmutational Dimensional Ascension.

The Eieyani Founders call this knowledge the Freedom Teachings of the Inner Christos, which are part of a huge body of information called the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plates (Cloister-Dora-Teura Plates), they are ancient Pre-Atlantian Holographic Disc Records that were given to our race in 246,000 BC. The CDT-Plates have a huge significance to every religion on this planet. The CDT-Plates contain massive encrypted tomes of practical physical and spiritual evolutionary advancement teachings, presented to races by Rishi beings, also called Meta-terrestrials, Primary Founders Races who exist in dimensions D13, D14, and D15. The teachings contained in the CDT-Plates cover the full evolutionary history of life evolution in our Time Matrix since the last life-wave was seeded 950 billion years ago up to the present, that is how old our Universal reality is. Theses advanced spiritual teachings have been translated by Indigos in different time periods and hand-written onto semi-translucent vellum textile-paper pages. The resultant collection of large books were called the Sacred Maharata (Inner Christos) Texts. The Maharata texts (huge books) existed as a set of 590 condensed-text volumes totaling over 500,000 pages.

The Angelic Human Race was created as the Templar (a word for "Star Gate complex") Guardian Race of this Time Matrix 560 million years ago, that's how old WE are. However, some of our highest spiritual aspects are billions of years old. Yes, Angelic Humans are ancient and multidimensional. Humanity is the race originally created by the Eieyani Christos Founders Races, to carry forward the commission of upholding the integrity of the Divine Christos Blueprint, a commission that was originally held by the Lyran-Sirian Azurite Guardian Races, which are more ancient than us. I am sharing a lot of new terminology and concepts you are probably not familiar with, but rest assured everything will be progressively explained and understood by those of you seeking spiritual knowledge and truth and the real Human history from an Indigo perspective.

Christos Founders Races (which includes some of you Indigos who have incarnated on Earth now) are always willing to work lovingly, equally, cooperatively and co-creatively with any individual or organization that genuinely promotes and demonstrates the Eieyani Founders Freedom Teachings of the Inner Christos. The Founders and the Christos teachings include the Emerald Covenant of Aramatena, the Law of One, and the Lyran-Sirian model of peaceful, co-creative egalitarian self-sovereign co-evolution. The promise of the Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Agreement universal peace treaty, which is a “Creation Contract”, was created by our Founders and is aligned to Divine Love and Light and is their promise to us that was made that all souls in the Fallen Universe would eventually be found and returned back to their original spiritual home. This was the original Divine plan of spiritual ascension, the evolutionary journey through the astrological ages and timelines which would facilitate our way back home, to remember our Divine purpose and be reunited with Source-God.

The Law of One represents the Eieyani Ascended Masters protocol of Divine Unconditional Love, co-nurturing and healing of ALL races through the recognition that ALL manifest beings are faces of Source-manifest. There is only ONE consciousness Source-God, and all things and beings are living diversified expressions of that common identity. The Law of One recognizes that beings who conduct themselves in seemingly ungodly ways are those who have most forgotten this core truth of their Divine identity. Through healing and re-awakening of the God-Spark within (the 12D Inner Christos), any being can eventually remember and embody its blessed heritage. When this memory returns, Divine Unconditional Love becomes the natural embodied instinct, and acting as if the God in all things matters, becomes the only sane and rational use of the Divine gift of self-sovereign Free Will.

When the Primal Law of One is NOT willingly honored by beings manifest in time, their creations become progressively more convoluted, they spiritually descend instead of ascend, they mutate instead of evolve, going back to what I call space dust. Space dust is holy, it is sacred, it is blessed, it is conscious, but it is not conscious in the same way as a complex being that has progressively reassembled its Divine Blueprint memory matrix, turned it all on, and then ascended into the full expansion of Source-God, because the being who ascends, as opposed to fragments, has full knowing of the significance of what it has achieved and it can appreciate fully the experience it had in individuation.

Any Fallen Angelic, or any dark fallen being, may continue to fall spiritually, energetically, until eventually they create their own self-termination in space-time, space dust, into unconscious oblivion. When self-termination occurs, the once self-sentient being returns to Source-God as undifferentiated units of conscious energy, without memory or individuated identity recognition, where it would be recycled by Source into other creations. It is the Path of Chaos, which leads to what's called the Destiny of Sorrow.

The advantage of awakening the God-presence within Oneself (within yourself and all beings), is that in doing so, a being can retain its individuation of identity, and the memory of its manifest experience, to consciously rejoin Source through ascension. Through ascension, a being retains the conscious ability to express full mastery of chosen experience, knowing itself in eternal conscious At-ONE-ment with the Central Source of Creation, or GOD, through which the natural cycle of loving conscious co-creation within the wholeness that is God can be perpetuated. It is the Path of Order, which leads to what's called the Destiny of Joy.

The Law of One is representative of the natural laws of Universal Unified Field Physics, the Divine Creation Mechanics by which the consciousness of Source perpetually creates the experience of manifest worlds. Without observance of the Primal Law of One – a being, race, nation, planet, galaxy, or Universe will be unable to create genuine freedom, love, or joy, and will lose conscious experiential participation in the natural cycle of self-sentient Eternal Life perpetuation. If one's chosen ideas and actions support the Christiac Free Will objective of ascension, a person's identity returns to Source, through which conscious memory within the perpetual Eternal Life cycle is infinitely retained.

The Christiac objective creates an experiential Destiny of Joy and progressive expansion of Self within the perpetual Eternal Life cycle. If one's choices disregard the natural order of the Law of One and Divine Creation Mechanics, then their personal energy is added to the anti-Christiac Imposed Will Objective, through which the divine gifts of ascension co-creative sentient mastery and conscious participation in the Eternal Life cycle are lost.

As a participant within the Eternal Life dance, an individual will experience either the expansion of consciousness and loving joyful co-creation, or the contraction and restriction of unconscious control participation, through which the natural Divine state of co-creative Love and joy are experientially blocked from one's perceptions. The Christiac Path of Order is that originally intended by Source as loving joy, is the intrinsic nature of Source. In Omni Present Source − the Path of Chaos is permitted, for without this the option of choice would not exist. The Eieyani, Founders, and Christic races understand that the intrinsic nature of Source is Love, and that in this love Source most desires to experience the joy of its manifest expressions, while simultaneously honoring their Free Will.

The choice is always ours, and the Founders and the Primary Founders (founders of our founders, parents of our parents, so like grandparents) always respect our right to choose. As individuated manifest expressions of Source-God, we are imbued with the power of Creation. Our choices are the tools by which our experiential reality is created. Individually and collectively, we are the creators of our experientially manifest worlds as we progressively remember and embody our blessed identity as faces of God-manifest. Our thoughts and our deeds will progressively become more godly to reflect more of the true loving nature of God.

This is the Divine objective of God-Source, of the Founders and the infinite numbers of Emerald Covenant races who strive to keep the sentient awareness and embodied demonstration of our unconditionally loving Divine-Source, perpetually alive within the many mansions of time. The Founders Emerald Covenant races and representatives of the Azurite Temple Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order extend Divine Unconditional Love, respect, and shared truth to all, regardless of race or creed affiliation. The Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings are once again being made available to the Human collective without prejudice. Anyone from any race or religion is encouraged and welcomed to participate in the Emerald Covenant, through which Unconditional Divine Love, the freedom of the Inner Christos, the powerful order, and the Destiny of Joy is equally extended to all.

One does not have to give up a previous spiritual orientation or ethnic identification to embrace the Founders Emerald Covenant. The Founders and their representatives encourage people of all persuasions to find the true teachings and ideas that support the Destiny of Joy that exist behind the distortions within all of Earth's spiritual creeds and culture ethics. Through separating the chaff from the grain and releasing the spiritual bondage of Fallen Angelic distortions, the worlds religions can be freed from their unintended political service to the anti-Christos agenda.

Through Angelic Human Love and genuine embodiment of the D12 Inner Christos awareness, the religions of Earth can be restored to their original cooperative Divine purpose of spiritual service to the Law of One and the Destiny of Joy divine objective. Once purged of Fallen Angelic anti-Christos distortions – any religion, creed, or belief system can evolve to Christos status to become a valuable and beloved asset in manifesting the experiential reality of loving, sentient, co-creative, godly conscious participation with the perpetual dance of the Eternal Life cycle.

On behalf of, and in honor of, and as a manifest reflection of the loving ONE Source-God from which we all emerge, the Founders Azurite Temple Melchizedek Cloister endorses ideas, beliefs, and actions that are supported by the Destiny of Joy and the Christos Free Will objective. The Azurite Temple Melchizedek Cloister perspective also respects the Divine right and necessity of Free Will choice, and thus demonstrates allowance, employing no imposed resistance to the forces of the Path of Chaos, and the option of choosing the Destiny of Sorrow, towards which the Path of Chaos inevitably leads.

Like the promoters of Fallen Angelic realities and scientific control dogmas, the Founders have always employed the truthful, loving, and open sharing of knowledge as a means of encouraging beings to use their inherent power of free choice to create loving fearless empowered experiential fulfillment of the Destiny of Joy. Control dogmas utilize the anti-Christos tactics of holding knowledge among a few elite and promoting distortions in knowledge under the guise of truth, in order to seduce, trick, and deceive masses of well meaning beings into powerlessness, fear, and inadvertent blind subservience to the powerful Chaos.

Beings who choose the Path of Chaos, either knowingly or unknowingly, do so in order to remember the lesson of the value of Love and Free Will order. One does not need to choose the Destiny of Sorrow in order to remember the value of its opposite. The power of Free Will choice can be simply used to acknowledge and embrace the Divine value, rights and responsibilities and the Destiny of Joy, through which the conscious decision can be made to actually embody these Divine qualities. The choice is ours.

In supporting the Destiny of Joy Divine objective, the Christos Founders Races will never endorse control dogmas, be they contemporary cults, ancient cults, manifesting under the guise of traditional religions or solely scientific dogmas. Cult mentality inspires you to give your personal power of creation and self generated salvation away to some externalized authority figure. A few examples of popular externalized authority figures to which we have been culturally programmed to unthinkingly subjugate our personal worth and to surrender our Divine personal Inner Christos power as follows:

external god personifications, saviors, ascended masters, saints, angels, gurus, popes, priests, mystics, wizards, psychics, governments, politicians, scientists, doctors, experts, critics, PHDs and on and on and on.

These are just a few examples of the externalized archetypal authority figures to which we have been brainwashed by propaganda into believing we have less worthiness, power, or wisdom than our own presently sleeping Inner Christos. As long as we look to only external authorities for answers, we will never find the greater truths regarding ourselves and our Universe that are alive and awaiting our discovery within our personal Inner Christos identity.

It is absolutely appropriate to embody genuine humility and offer loving reverent respect to beings who provide us with a legitimate service in our growth to empowerment, spiritual actualization, and freedom. If we desire to embody the reality of the Christos, then loving reverent respect given genuinely through gentle humility is an attitude which every creature in the Universe should be treated. All beings are after-all manifest faces of God expressing at various stages of development.

There is a huge difference between offering loving reverent respect to others and baring down in worshipful self-deprecating subservience, to blindly obey the control dictates of elitists power figures whose only empowerment is derived from keeping our power under their control. Without the masses who worship and obey them, elitists authority figures are utterly powerless. Without the collective from which they siphon their power, elitists power figures do not even possess enough personal power to adequately help themselves. The have no more and no less potential than anyone else to embrace the eternal power of the Inner Christos.

Loving and reverent respect is unconditional, and includes respecting ourselves equally as blessed faces of God. Blind worship teaches us to insult and disrespect and deny the part of God that is manifest as the Self. Beings express different stages of development in which corresponding levels of Christos embodiment, or lack there of, are demonstrated, but regardless of the development level, all beings are living parts of God, and therefore their eternal blessed value is unquestionable.

Freedom Teachings lead you to the Christ within. The Inner Christos tangibly exists as your higher dimensional levels of personal awareness, the rest of your own God-given blessed identity, which is your own personal inborn indelible living connection to the real One-Source that is God. The Founders Emerald Covenant races will never promote control dogma tactics, such as don't read that, it's evil, it's bad, or don't associate with them, they are evil or less worthy or less pure than we. On the contrary, everyone is encouraged to Love ALL responsibly and to recognize the inborn potential with purity within ALL. Everyone is also encouraged to read everything, explore people, become informed and seek knowledge.

True Christiac teachings inspire everyone to embrace the personal true Divine Spirit, explore responsibility, be fearless, be Christed Love, to simultaneously honor the Self, others, and One Source-God through fair and loving action. Learn discernment, so genuine wisdom and spiritual actualization can be attained, and never settle for anything less than your own divinely given Angelic Human heritage.

The Founders and their representatives will never endorse anti-Chrisos creeds, such as elitists race supremacy, racial or religious bigotry, prejudice, tolerance as a disguise for covert prejudicial value judgment, gender inequality, or contrived misrepresentation, or manipulative concealment of truth, knowledge, or identity. The Founders will not endorse abuse, violation, or exploitation of other life fields, including animals, plants, and the planetary environment. They will not promote victim versus savior consciousness, through which beings are intentionally covertly disempowered by being seduced into believing that they are powerless to change undesirable conditions, and thus neither powerful, external authority, savior or god, to protect them from their own inadvertent creations.

The Founders will not use fear, disinformation, information suppression, or intimidation tactics to keep human races divided against each other, and therefore easy subjects for covert control, and they will not manipulate people through false claims that God is a male or female gender. God is a living, eternal consciousness force, and is beyond biology and polarized gender expression.

The Founders also will not promote a false history that misleads us into believing that God's only son was crucified for our sins, so that we can be controlled and directed through false guilt and useless shame into martyring ourselves to prove we are equally ready. Jesus was not crucified. He came to tell us that we are ALL Children of God, to return the Divine and Sacred Science knowledge through which we could set ourselves free, and then he used that knowledge to conduct his own painless ascension. This is the truth of the Christ drama history, and it is the only Christ drama truth that the Founders will endorse, because they were there, they saw it all. They will not endorse the falsehood of the alleged crucifixion, because they know this story was created by the Illuminati human races on behalf of the fallen Annu-Elohim, in order to intentionally bury the real truth and Freedom Teachings through which the real Jesus Christ of 12 BC through 27 AD stood.

The true Christos teachings encourage you to fearlessly, but responsibly, investigate everything in a loving and intelligent matter, and to learn to separate the chaff from the grain. In this way you can hold your personal empowerment while expanding into the exciting, but often confusing territories of the Angelic Human spirit. Genuine Christos teachings do not teach us to crawl on our bellies like snakes before some glorified snake charmer. The Christos teaches us to walk upright with Divine Love, dignity, grace, humility, respect, reverence, and power as the living examples of the Christos manifest that Angelic Humans were intended to be.

When you are seeking spiritual information that could be good or bad, or if you ever want to question your own beliefs or another's beliefs, or whenever you encounter traditional and contemporary anti-Christos counter movements that are routinely and inevitably set against the Founders Emerald Covenant Inner Christos teachings, you might first want to consider the source and its intrinsic motivation before formal or final opinion. A few valuable questions to ask are these:

  • Who does the information source appear to be?
  • What are they telling me?
  • Do they really know what they are talking about?
  • Are they saying what they really mean?
  • Where might there information be coming from?
  • What motive might they have for telling me this thing?
  • What are they hoping I believe?
  • Why would they want me to believe this thing?
  • What are they trying to motivate me to do with my personal power? Discover and embrace it within myself, or surrender it elsewhere and worship with obedient subservience?
  • If they are trying to help me, what are they trying to help me achieve, and how could believing this thing empower me?
  • If they are covertly trying to mislead me, how could I might be harmed by believing them?
  • Are they inspiring me to lead through my own inner spiritual power and wisdom, or are they seducing me to believe that I am personally powerless and so must blindly follow an external power source to save myself?
  • And finally, if I believe this thing, will it assist me in becoming a more awakened, aware, loving, kind, responsible, strong, spiritual, intelligent, wise, compassionate, whole, and effective human being?

The art of asking the right questions in all circumstances is a valuable tool for advancing understanding of Self and other's awareness and of personal empowerment. The Founders encourage you to ask these questions in relation to their teachings, and when presented with the teachings, ideas, and opinions of others.