Lyran-Sirian Anuhazi, feline-hominid, Sirian Whites

Lyran-Sirian-Anuhazi, feline-hominid, "Sirian Whites"

Lyran-Sirian-Anuhazi, feline-hominid, "Sirian Whites" are an etheric Density-3 Christos Founders seed race, carrying Emerald Sun DNA 24-48 strands, the Over Soul version of the higher Avatar Anuhazi, originally from planet Gaia (Lyran) which later fled and moved to the Sirius B (Sirian) system, and this is why they are considered Lyran and Sirian. As etheric beings, they are called the regal "Sirian Whites", an Elder, pale-skinned hominid. The Lyran-Sirian-Anuhazi were co-creators of the Azurite race ("Sirian Blues") in the HU-2 Sirius System. In seeding the Turaneusiam-human on Tara, many eons later, the Lyran-Sirian Emerald Order Anuhazi and Azurite genetic imprint was used as the Seed for the new Turaneusiam race. The Lyrans also created a race of beings in Harmonic Universe 3 called the Elohim, who would become overseers for the Sirian races in Harmonic universe 2.

The Lyran-Sirian-Anuhazi are an etheric race, which looks kind of ghost like to us if we see them. The Anuhazi were commissioned by the Emerald Order above them to become representatives of the Emerald Order in that level of etheric matter-density. The Anuhazi represents the first etheric matter hominid imprint, that all hominids in the whole 15-dimensional scale from Harmonic-3 and below fit into, to re-evolve back out of time, every being will have to re-evolve back out through that imprint to go back into liquid light Christos Avatar, and then back into Rishi, and then back into expansion to Ascended Mastery. There is one hominid pattern that all hominids emerged out of. The Anuhazi in Harmonic-3 were appointed the Guardians of holding the codes of that pattern together so it would always remain as a potential for any race no matter how far they digressed.