Necromiton-Andromie Anunnaki, Fallen Angelics from Andromeda

Necromiton-Andromie Anunnaki, Fallen Angelics from Andromeda

Necromiton-Andromie Anunnaki, beetle-reptilian-insectoid-hominid, Fallen Angelic Anu-Seraphim hybrid from the adjacent Andromeda galaxy, members of the Luciferian Covenant “Anunnaki Resistance” Agenda. As a strategic move to ensure the success of the One World Order Earth dominion agenda held by each of the competing Fallen Angelic groups, the Necromiton race of Density-3 Andromeda, the “beloved Andromies” who have been in contact with several prominent people in the UFO Movement. Between 1930-1943, most Necromiton-Andromies were not particularly interested in participating overtly in the “Final Conflict” Earth drama being set up by competing Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian factions. The Necromiton had an Earth Star Gate dominion agenda of their own, which originally included extermination of all Earth races, including the Illuminati hybrid operatives of the other Fallen Angelic collectives. Originally the Necromiton intended to build their underground power bases and “wait and see” whether the Drakonian/Reptilian or Anunnaki forces “won the Final Conflict,” intending then to “depose the victors” and claim Earth, Inner Earth and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates for their own.

Angelic War Edict:

Necromitons opened negotiations between the competing Fallen Angelic collectives, successfully bringing most of them together to take a united stance against the Emerald Covenant peace treaty and freedom agenda. Necromiton-Andromie and Alpha-Omega-Centauri races convince many Drakonian and Anunnaki legions to form a “United Resistance Alliance” (UIR) against the Emerald Covenant to ensure fulfillment of their common interest in the OWO dominion agenda. Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command and most Anunnaki Legions break the Treaty of Altair to join the UIR. UIR adopts the Anunnaki Luciferian Covenant agenda, which includes “termination” of the Angelic Human races of Earth and forced pole shift, induced via Battlestar Nibiru (“Wormwood”) and the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid. September 12, 2000 UIR offers Emerald Covenant races an ultimatum. UIR would allow the Lyran-Sirian Guardian races to evacuate 50,000 of their ''Indigo Children Maji Grail Lines,'' then the rest of Earth’s populations would fall prey to fulfillment of the Luciferian Covenant agenda. Emerald Covenant Races refuse on behalf of all Angelic Human and Hybrid populations of Earth that desire to live in freedom and in order to prevent Earth’s Halls of Amenti star gates from falling under UIR dominion. UIR issued a formal Edict of War on September 12, 2000, against Emerald Covenant races and the Angelic Humans of Earth.

Nazi Germany, WWII:

The Necromiton-Andromies made covert physical contact with Hitler, “playing on” his personal prejudice against Jewish races. They convinced him to assist in the Necromitons’ plan of keeping the Zeta-Rigelians ''in their place'', by providing small “gifts” of metaphysical Templar knowledge that allowed the Nazis to unearth certain ''valuable relics'' from the Grail Quests of ancient times. Consequently, Hitler ''got carried away with himself'' in his genocide campaign against Jews, on behalf of his Necromiton-Andromie affiliations. In Hitler’s Zeta-Drakonian “deals,” he had been instructed to reduce numbers of only certain Jewish family lines associated with the ''true Hebrew'' Angelic Human/Indigo Child Maji Grail Line lineage. Hitler had been warned to leave ''untouched'' families of the Drakonian ''Hibiru Illuminati,'' a Hibiru-Drakonian Illuminati hybrid lineage descended from the ancient Atlantian “Hassa King” family line that has been progressively masquerading under “Jewish disguise” since the Atlantian period. But in his overzealous quest for race supremacy, and “double-dealings” with the Necromiton-Andromie force, Hitler’s “ethnic hunting” became indiscriminate, and several Hibiru-Drakonian Illuminati families, favored by the Zeta-Rigelians, were destroyed.

The Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian force promptly gave the order to international Zeta-Drakonian Illuminati conclaves to withdraw all support from the Nazi campaign and to assist the Allied Illuminati controllers in orchestrating the defeat of Nazi Germany. This information has been provided by the GA/Eieyani for inclusion in this archive, so readers may begin to realize the extent to which the covert Fallen Angelic presence and the advancing invasion has determined the external events that Humans have lived through and died from for so long. 99% of the people working for and within their national government communities have no idea of the Atlantian Conspiracy that has operated behind world politics for thousands of years. This is especially true in America, where most military personnel, even in the highest ranks, honestly still believe that the U.S.A. is a democracy that they would willingly give their lives to defend.

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Hybrid Races:
beetle-reptilian-insectoid-hominid, Annunaki-hybrid races of Alpha and Omega Centauri from Andromeda .
insectoid, “Beetle-People”, “Elohim” Necromiton-Andromie
Nephilim dark-haired aquatic humanoid. Members of United Federation of Planets
insectoid-human, hybrid of Earth/Inner Earth
insectoid-hominid, Anunnaki hybrid, members of Pleiadian-Nibiruian Coalition
serpent-dino-humanoid, “Vampire”, members of Drakonian-Orion Confederation
Red Haired Humans (Omicron-Drakonian-Necromiton-Andromie-Pleiadian Human hybrid), Phantom Vega/Pleiades/Alnitak, members of Orion Black League.
hominid, "Blue Zeta", Necromiton-Andromie-Zeta-Rigelian hybrid, Phantom Alpheratz Andromeda.
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