Odedicron Reptilian avian-reptile winged Gargoyle

Odedicron Reptilian, Avian-Reptilian Winged “Gargoyle”

Odedicron Reptilian, Fallen Angelic Legions of Orion are a Seraphei Gold Order Fallen Angelic race hybrid, created with the avian-reptile winged “Gargoyle” strains, originally seeded on Density-4 planet Vega (Lyra) 950 billion years ago, with the genetics of the Black Sun DNA 10-strands. Some work with Odedicron-Drakonian Dragon-Moths, others with Zeta-Reticuli Greys and Pleiadian-Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki. Most Odedicron "Lizard" races joined United Intruder Resistance (UIR) 2000 AD, a few factions joined Rebel Omicron-Drakonians. Several factions in Emerald Covenant Redemption Contracts. Odedicron Reptilian are at war with us humans and the Christos Guardian Angelic races. They attack and manipulate our genetics, they delete or edit and change our religious and spiritual sacred texts and distort our history, so eventually our race becomes lost and confused and separated from Source-God. Most humans are following one of their many belief systems that go against the Christiac Law of One.

Alnilam (Orion)
Vega (Lyra)
Inner Earth
Hybrid Races:
scaled-reptile-hominid hybrid (Odedicron-avian-reptile + Amealian-Anunnaki-aquatic-ape), planet Nibiru
Odedicron-Anunnaki-Turaneusiam-Human hybrids, originally from the human Alanian (Atlantis) root race, Alcyone/Tara.
False Creeds | Text Distortions | Associations:
Egyptian mystical teaching distortions
Pagan mystical teaching distortions
Shamanic mystical teaching distortions
Kahuna mystical teaching distortions
Egyptian “Crocodile Cults”
Egyptian “Falcon Cults”
Malaysian “Voo-Doo”
“Lord Maitreya”
Christian texts distortions
Drakonian-Orion Confederation, or
Pleiadian-Nibiruian Coalition
Illuminati Royal Blood Lines
Nephedem-Odedicron human-hybrids, Earth / Inner Earth
Lathin King
Atlantian-Greek King
Arcadian King
Roman Romulous King (Etalian-Lathin King Atlantian hybrid)
Atlas King
Sumerian-Egyptian Horus King (Enlil-Odedicron-Anunnaki-hybrid)
Human Tribe Infiltration:
Egypt, Central America, Native American, Mexico, Hawaii, Polynesian Island, South America, South Africa, Ionia (Italy/Greece), England, Germany.