Oraphim, feline-avian-cetacean, angelic

Oraphim, feline-avian-cetacean-hominid (angelic)

Oraphim, feline-avian-cetacean-hominid (angelic) are a super race that were seeded 568 million years ago on Density-3 planets Sirius B, Procyon, Mintaka (Orion), Gaia and on Density-2 planets Sirius B, Alcyone (Pleiadian), Altair and Tara, with Double-Diamond Sun DNA 24-30 strands, to begin creation of the Angelic Human lineage. The Oraphim is a hybrid created from Azurite feline-avian-cetacean-hominid (Density-4), Lyran-Sirian-Anuhazi cat-hominid, "Sirian Whites" (Density-3), and Pleiadian Serres avian-hominid (Density-2). The Oraphim where the new Guardian Angelic Race line. The name “Oraphim” means “The Lighted Ones” in the Anuhazi language, denoting the Rishi and Ascended Master consciousness collectives that incarnated through this Oraphim biological race line from the Primal Light Fields (DU-5) and Primal Sound Fields (Energy Matrix).

The original Lyran-Sirian-Pleiadian Oraphim prototype is a thin, 12-20 feet tall androgynous feline-avian human land-water mammal “Breatherian” (does not eat; draws nourishment directly from the atmosphere in which it is placed). The original Oraphim have translucent deep tan or powder-white to pale-blue skin, elongated skulls, petite, childlike facial features, six fingers and toes, and no ears or small cat-like ears on the side of the head. Some have small cat-like lips and with a split in the upper lip and a feline nose, others have small, thin lips with a mild downward dip in the upper lip that resembles the shape of a tiny bird beak, with a petite human-child-like nose. Some Oraphim have pure white head hair resembling long, soft fur, others are bald or have soft, white-feathered skulls. All have hairless bodies and large, slanted almond-shaped eyes of golden, electric blue or violet hue, with pure white vertical pupils, thin eyelids with fine white eyelashes and no eyebrows.

Several specialized Oraphim strains are more Feline, Avian or Cetacean in biological structure. Specialized Emerald Sun Oraphim strains appear as large upright feline-hominids with pure white fur covering the body, non-clawed paws and tails; feline Oraphim resemble the white Persian cat species of Earth and they often overshadow this earthly feline of their genetic association to interact with Density-1 Earth. Specialized Gold Order Seraphei Oraphim closely resemble the Eagle and Swan avian species of Earth, having smaller eyes, wings and avian-hominid bodies covered with pure white, soft blue-gray or jet black feathers. Specialized Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama Oraphim are Cetacean, most closely resembling the Aquatic Dolphin and Whale species of Earth. Unlike the Bipedal Dolphin People of the fallen Anu-Elohim, the Oraphim-Cetaceans do not have arms or legs, and though capable of breathing air or water, they are designed for mobility in fluid, not on land.

The Oraphim-Cetaceans are pure white or pale-light-blue in color, and specialize in transmitting the sound tones that hold the scalar-wave temples for universal structure in order. The Oraphim-Cetaceans created several Dolphin and Whale species on Earth, to serve as their emissaries in maintaining Earth’s biosphere. The fallen Annu-Elohim Bipedal Dolphin People have also seeded several strains of Dolphin, Whale and Shark species into Earth’s biosphere, in attempt to gain sonic control over Earth’s Manifestation Template. Though it is nearly impossible to detect the differences between the Oraphim-Cetacean and Annu-Elohim Cetacean species, there are a few subtle differences observable between them. Oraphim-Cetacean strains tend to be lighter in skin color, are more vegetarian in diet, prefer warmer waters, are more receptive to human contact, have a more gentle, feminine maternal nature and emit higher-pitched sound frequencies than their fallen Annu-Elohim Cetacean kin.

In their organic state, when they are not intermingling with other race strains for the purpose of assisting in DNA Bio-Regenesis programs, the Oraphim Feline-Avian-Cetacean-Humans have full conscious power over physical manifestation and de-manifestation, allowing them adaptability to almost any environment and Density Level in which they are placed. The Oraphim can “shape-shift” at will, and their biological forms are immortal until they fully transmute out of the Time Matrix. After ascending out of the Time Matrix, an Oraphim must rebirth in a new immortal body form to reenter the Density systems of the Time Matrix. Though they are biologically androgynous and do not have external manifestations of gender difference, the “male” Oraphim form carries a stronger electrical field and specializes in electrical transmission of energy, while the “female” Oraphim form carries a stronger magnetic field and specializes in magnetic reception of energy. Like the Azurites, in combining of male-female bio-energetic fields, the Oraphim have the greatest ability of any race in our Time Matrix to transmit and receive the frequencies of the electromagnetic Primal Life Force Currents in our Time Matrix. This energy reception-transmission ability makes them biologically able to perform intensive structural repair of the universal manifestation template in our Time Matrix, allowing them the capacity to fulfill their creation commission as evolving guardians and Keepers of the Universal Templar Complex.

Oraphim can procreate independently, but prefer procreation through fusion or coupling of the bio-energetic fields of gender-twin mates. During Oraphim procreation an energetic birth sack is painlessly expelled from the navel region of either male or female. The energetic sack contains cellular matter formed through the combined genetic imprint of the parents, or a replica of the singular parent’s genetic imprint. Once the sack is expelled from the body, the new incarnating Oraphim soul begins fetal integration. Gestation of the Oraphim birth sack varies, depending upon the environment into which they incarnate. The birth sack is placed within a planetary soil “nest,” then into a water or fluid environment organic to the planet, allowing the incarnating Oraphim to adopt the natural template structures characteristic to the environmental system into which it is incarnating. After water or fluid gestation, the Oraphim embryo rapidly grows to the size of a human child of 8-12 years, and emerges from the birth sack, fully sentient, mobile, telepathic and with full regional spoken language capacity. The Oraphim race is the Seed Race from which the Angelic Human Turaneusiam emerged, and represents the state of evolutionary fulfillment in time toward which all human races are re-evolving. Like the Azurit , the Oraphim race has a 24-48 Strand DNA Template, which embodies the full spectrum Ascension Codes through which transmutative ascension out of the Time Matrix can be achieved.