Starseeds, Earthseeds, Race Genetic Hybridization

Starseeds, Earthseeds, Race Genetic Hybridization

Starseeds are highly evolved seed races that come to another planet, such as Earth, to help create a new race. Starseeds originate from other star systems or galaxies, other planets, other races, hence the name Star Seed, so they represent the extraterrestrial DNA portion of a hybrid race. Earthseed races  (Root races) represent the terrestrial portion of DNA. For example, our future human race has 12-strands of DNA which includes 7 terrestrial Root races (Earthseeds) and 5 extraterrestrial Starseed races. Starseeds contribute their race strain genetics to a long-term hybridization program, acting as the  DNA Host Matrix (surrogate DNA) for one new Earthseed race strain being seeded (created) on a planet. Each strand of DNA represents a different race from a different dimension (time period). One dimension represents 8,852 years. Currently, most humans have 3 strands of DNA activated and are working on our strand-4. Our 2nd strand of DNA was developed by the Lemurian Earthseed race. So, the Lemurians are part of us, part of what makes up the human race. This 2nd strand of DNA also connects us to the 2nd dimension. Many Starseeds are also Indigos who have to undergo a process of awakening.

The original human design itself is of an extraterrestrial nature in that humans originally inhabited the  Density Universe-2 (dimensions 4-5-6) time fields of Earth, where Earth is called Tara (future Earth). The Taran original human is called Turaneusiam. Earth humanity's stellar genetic heritage can be found in the DNA sub-strand matrices that make up the blueprint for Human DNA. In the Earth human lineage, 7 Root races and 5 Starseed races were seeded. Each Root race evolution cycle developed 1 of the first 5 Strands of DNA within the 12-strand DNA template. Each Starseed race carried the 7th through 12th DNA strand template corresponding to the higher dimensional Density systems. Root race incarnates are called Earthseeds and cloister race incarnates are called Starseeds. The Starseed races keep the 12-strand DNA template potentials alive within the Earth human gene pool, and represent the advanced stages of human evolution.

Since our future human selves are made of 5 Starseed races, that also makes us a Starseed race (in the future). The Starseed race human 12-strand DNA template is known as the Diamond Sun DNA. All Root race humans have the potential to receive genetic acceleration through DNA Regenesis technology that will allow for regeneration of the 12-strand Starseed race DNA template. Throughout the course of Earth human history, there has been further hybridization with various interstellar races, creating more varieties of Starseeds among the Earthseed root race populations, such as the Starseed races of Inner Earth.

About 90% of all contemporary Earth human Contactees and Abductees are chosen because they are members of one of the 3 primary ancient hybrid-human Starseed race lines; the Grail Lines (Emerald, Diamond and Ruby Sun DNA templates), the Annu-Elohim (Belil Sun DNA template) or the Nephedem-Reptilian (Black Sun DNA template). Presently Earthseed Root race humans are in their 5th Root race Aryan cycle, in which the 4th DNA strand template begins activation to open perceptions into the higher dimensional time fields of Density Universe-2. During this period of Earth human evolutionary acceleration, the earthly Starseed races are being contacted by their higher dimensional stellar kin, of whom they are incarnate members.

The 4 primary groups of visitors, the Grail Line Elohei and Nephilim-Elohim, the Belil Sun Annu-Elohim and the Seraphim-Drakonian Black Sun races hold 3 conflicting agendas regarding the continuation of Earth human evolution. Each are contacting/awakening their Earth human hybrid incarnates to assist in fulfilling their respective agendas. The Grail Line visitors hold the "Diamond Sun" agenda of assisting all Earth humans and hybrids to fulfill the 12-strand DNA template potential, as promised in the Emerald Covenant 248,000 years ago. The Belil and Black Sun visitors seek to hi-jack Earth human evolution and claim dominion of Earth under forced One World Order, breaking the ancient Emerald Covenant interstellar treaty. Every Earth human, both Earthseed and Starseed, has the right to choose which agenda it will honor. This is why the Grail Line visitors are exposing the hidden agendas. If desired, Emerald Order will assist humans in template DNA Regenesis, but will not do so without your conscious request unless you are an incarnate Starseed member of their higher dimensional races.

The Zeta "Grey Alien" races have other plans in mind for the Starseeds. The 12-strand Diamond Sun DNA within the Starseed genetic imprint is valuable to the Zeta. It is this element for which they search during unauthorized abductions (by the Soul Matrix), for they hope to create a stronger more versatile hybrid through humans carrying this code. They view the Starseeds as the potential breeders of a three-dimensional Earth hybrid race that they hope will repopulate the planet once the clearing is completed. The unenlightened Zeta also fear the Starseeds, as they possess the potential ability of seeing through the holographic inserts. The Starseeds also are able to more easily partake of multidimensional communication, which enables them to “go above the frequency fence” the Zeta are working now to “erect” within the human DNA code (remember, the frequency fence is a type of sound technology that utilizes contrived frequency modulation). Because the Starseed is already re-linked, to some degree, to its original Soul Matrix the Zeta cannot perform a forced matrix transplant upon a Starseed without first dismantling the Soul Matrix. This is very difficult to do with the technology they have available. And the Starseeds are protected multi dimensionally by the Zionites, as well as by other groups (enlightened Zeta, Aethien, Ranthia, Sirian, Pleiadian, Breneau and many other presences). The Starseeds are the greatest threat to the old Zeta agenda, and so the Zeta try to find other ways in keeping them out of operation.

Zeta do whatever possible to keep the Starseed from awakening to its true identity. A sleeping Starseed is not a threat (and is prime for manipulation). Much of the “brainwashing program” has been employed to keep the Starseeds sleeping through distraction and fear of their own identities as appearing “out of the norm.” They have also instigated a campaign to create separation and segregation between the Starseeds and Earthseeds, and also between Starseed groups, thereby exerting social pressure upon the awakening individuals.

Turaneusiam, Angelic Human
   800,000 years ago, future ongoing
   Density: 2
   Dimensions: 4, 5, 6
   Planet: Tara (future Earth)
   DNA: Diamond Sun 12-strands
   Hybrid Strains:

Root Races (Earthseeds):
   • Polarian
   • Hyperbornean
   • Lemurian
   • Atlantian
   • Aryan
   • Muvarian
   • Euanjhechi

Starseed Races:
   • Hibiru Starseed

Starseeds of Inner Earth:
   • Yu Tri-Starseed
   • Ur Tri-Starseed
Maharaji race