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My Video about the Time Matrix and structure of our real reality.

The Holographic Universe is our world as a hologram reality, also known as the Holographic Principal, which is similar to The Matrix movie with Keanu Reeves. Nothing is truly solid in this Cosmic Unified Field hologram, which the Guardians call the Matrix, or Time Matrix.

4th dimension explained. What is a dimension? More specifically, what is the 4th dimension, the 5th dimension, or the 6th dimension? Michio Kaku only talks about 11 dimensions, but there are 15 dimensions.

This video explains 15 dimensions. The video also covers what we mean by dimensions and how many dimensions are there. Some people say there are only 11 dimensions (eleven dimensions) from zero dimension to eleventh dimensions, but that is not true, we have 15.

Time Matrix, the structure of our real reality is a holographic projection, it is a thought-form construct, a Hologram-of-Matter, made up of specific tangible scalar energy structures, dimensional fields, that look like spheres within spheres or eggs within eggs (it's really more egg-shaped, not exactly spherical). This Creation framework is brought into manifestation by a common Source intelligence that many people choose to call God, who the ancients called the Yunasai. It's not a god that sits on a big throne and has a white beard, it's a consciousness, we were created in the image of God, as consciousness, as Spirit. The original core template that our manifest reality, space, time, matter, externalization, is built upon is a 15-dimensional holographic system.

Reality is a holographic thought-field construct, a 15-dimesional Time Matrix "reality" field. God-Source exists everywhere but also beyond the confines of this manifest reality field, and some day we will all Ascend out of the Matrix and return back to Source-God. Divine conscious beings, Ascended Masters, enter, incarnate into this Time Matrix to experience the game of life, to evolve spiritual lessons, to learn knowledge, to learn about Oneself. The Creator made this Time Matrix with Free Will, a system based on Love, this is the original covenant where the consciousness of the Ascended Masters agreed on what the game rules were as they began to create the hologram.

The Illusion of Reality

Reality is not physical or solid like we have been taught. Everything is made of energy, including all objects and living beings. Consciousness is energy and energy is conscious. The core substance, or building material of the cosmos is CONSCIOUSNESS. Thought is an attribute of consciousness. Thought is the filter through which consciousness manifests itself into the Hologram-of-Matter. Nothing is truly solid. All things are composed of consciousness, composed of energy. Matter is thus an illusion, and the apparent solidity of any object or thing or person is determined by the dimensional relationship between the consciousness observing an object and the consciousness of which the object is made. Our thoughts, our thinking, our human consciousness is stationed in the 4th-dimension, but we experience our perceived physical body in the dimension below us in the 3rd-dimension. Your physical world is always one dimension lower than where your consciousness is stationed. Each dimension has a different frequency / oscillation / vibration rate. So, we as energy beings living in an energy universe perceive the 3rd dimension as physical because it has a slower oscillation than our consciousness in the 4th-dimension. Human perception of solidity and externalization is determined by the oscillation rates between dimensionalized units/objects of consciousness.

The only difference between a thought and a manifest thing is the dimensional frequency of the consciousness of the observer. Manifest reality is thought projection, made solid and externalized by relationships between the frequencies of our focus of attention and those of the projected thought forms. We perceive as reality the thought forms of the collective masses as they were placed within the frequency bands that now exist one dimension below the frequencies within which our present focus of collective consciousness is stationed. As reality is a thought field, composed of units of consciousness awareness, reality can be directly affected by thought, as the substance of both thought and reality are one and the same. The key to mastery of our present reality, and to restoring our imprint for health, is understanding the reality of dimensionalization within which our consciousness now resides. It will also help you to understand our current human drama and the intergalactic multi-dimensional spiritual warfare.

The human body is a holographic projection of consciousness that is built upon a holographic template of structured units of consciousness. The Holographic Template represents the Living Morphogenetic Field – the dimensionalized blueprint of conscious light, sound and scalar waves, within which the individuated consciousness is stationed, and upon which the illusion of solidity of the body matter is formed. To effect true and lasting change within the Body-Mind-Sprit System of the human being, one must go to the core of its manifest structure – the Holographic Template or Thought-energy Blueprint, upon which the entire system of consciousness itself comes to know being.

Human consciousness emerges through an order of dimensionalization, which sets frameworks within which the interrelationships of consciousness can take place. The Hologram of manifest reality is a complex system of interwoven energy constructs, all built upon dimensionalized sets of scalar grids. Dimensions are ordered into sets of 15, forming the blueprint for a 15-dimensional system called a Time Matrix. A dimension is one specific singular rhythm band of scalar frequency, and there are 15 different scalar frequency bands in a Time Matrix. The 15 dimensions are further grouped into sets of 3 dimensions each, which create 5 separate reality fields called Density Universes (DU). Each of the 5 Density Universes represents a level of matter and biology densification specific to its intrinsic frequency rates. All living beings of our Time Matrix exist within one of the 5 Density Universes.

5 Density Universes:
Density-1, Carbon Matter (DU-1):,
Consists of dimensions 1, 2, 3 (where contemporary humans currently exist), location of Incarnate races with a carbon matter biology, considered the physical or gross matter density. Carbon molecules are an intrinsic part of the life-field on Earth and in other Density-1 planetary systems.
Density-2, Carbon-Etheric Matter (DU-2):
Consists of dimensions 4, 5, 6, location of Soul races with a carbon-silica matter biology, 50% carbon and 50% silica (in other words 50% etheric), where the carbon is starting to transmute into silica crystals (like quartz crystal rock). As you evolve up in density it gets more and more silica based (crystal based). We are crystalline life-forms and that progressively begins to show itself the higher up the density scale we go, the higher dimensional scale we go.
Density-3, Etheric Matter (DU-3):
Consists of dimensions 7, 8, 9, location of Over-Soul races with an etheric matter biology (no carbon), that means literally "crystal beings", crystalline matter form, you are dealing with a matter form that doesn't have carbon molecules in it anymore, which makes it very different from here. There are beings in these reality fields that look like spirals of crystal fibers. They don't have feet, arms, or heads like we do. Some of them are living crystalline matrices. There are also beings that look like ghostly crystalline hominids, and that's what our race looks like up there as we get into the etheric matter.
Density-4, Hydroplasmic Pre-Matter (DU-4):
Consists of dimensions 10, 11, 12, location of Avatar races with a Crystalline Liquid-Light Pre-Matter biology. This is the Christos level, crystalline liquid light. Imagine a quartz crystal rock melted and dissolved into a crystal liquid, it's a crystalline liquid light, it's called hydroplasm.
Density-5, Ante-Matter (DU-5):
Consists of dimensions 13, 14, 15, location of Rishi races with a Standing Wave Pattern Flame Body ANTE-Matter biology, when we fully expand our bodies to become our Rishi selves again, it's our flame body, imagine a spherical sun body, Rishi are a glowing ball of light when perceived from lower dimensions, they're made of ANTE-matter and look like a gaseous light.
Please refer to the Time Matrix image above for reference to all the Dimensions & Densities.