Zeta Reticuli, Rigelian, Insectoids, Grey Aliens

Zeta Reticuli, Rigelian, Insectoids, "Grey Aliens"

Zeta, insectoids, "Grey Aliens" are a Fallen Angelic race that is part of the Fallen Seraphim Lyra Vega/Apexian-Lau collective. The Zeta races are a plethora of zoological wonders representing various sub-species within an ET/interdimensional race, based primarily in the Orion star system. In their dealings with Earth they are known as the Zeta Reticuli, known as the “little greys”, their primary race strain being the blue faced Zephelium, the administrators and directors of the lower ranking sub-species of Zeta. All Zeta emerge from Zephelium (tall bipedal blue-skinned Insectoid-Reptilian-Serpent seed race), many strains. In recent times the Zeta races began interacting with Earth around World War I and by World War II they had established covert treaties with both the Nazi and Allied governments, through which they were entitled to abduction experimentation rights on the unwitting public, in exchange for their weapons technologies. Since the 1980s the Zeta have joined forces with their ancient adversaries, the Dracos, a reptilian hybrid race whose ancestry is also traced to the Orion star system. Both the Zeta and the Dracos races share a common hidden objective of claiming sovereignty over the territories of Earth. The Zeta opened Earth (Phantom) Falcon Wormhole 1903-1916 raided by Zeta-Rigelians. Pleiadian-Nibiruian Samjase-Luciferian/Thoth-Enki-Zephelium allies. Most accepted 1983-1984 Emerald Covenant Amnesty/Redemption Contracts, some joined Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki to escape Zeta-Rigelians. Members of Zeta-Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki, or Pleiadian-Nibiruian Coalition, or Guardian Alliance (Emerald Covenant refugee).

The Zeta represent more than just the Little Greys (those small grayish beings with large black eyes). There are various sub-species of the Zeta prototype, some more “hybrid like” in appearance, some resembling other forms not at all organic to our system. There are lizard-like Zeta in numerous colorings and sizes. There are Zeta that more closely resemble our insect kingdoms, particularly that of the arachnid (spider-like) though somewhat larger than our earthly versions. Other types of Zeta have been described by our witnesses as “blues,” “browns,” and “silvers,” all of which possess some human-like or dwarflike characteristics, and who represent a group of Zeta mutations created through their experiments in genetic engineering. The blue-skinned Zephelium are the administrator caste of the Zeta, governing all lower-ranking Zeta castes. The Zeta are a fragmented species and their customs and policies differ widely among the various groups.

The Zeta groups come to us for numerous reasons, some of them to benefit humankind (the more spiritually advanced groups) and others to study us for their own purposes (these are mostly responsible for our reports of “negative” or harmful alien encounters). Both groups possess technology and operational knowledge of reality systems far superior to that of the human race at this time. They understand multidimensionality to a large degree and are avid users of the Time Portal Systems of the third dimension. Their sciences are built upon this knowledge, and thus there is much humankind could learn from the Zeta.

The Zeta possess physically solid three-dimensional vessels, but only the smallest ones have ever approached Earth's atmosphere. However, as they know the mechanics of the Time Portal System they are able to place their vessels just outside of the frequency bands that constitute our three-dimensional system. They are able to establish “holding patterns” between dimensions and thus can become invisible to our system at will. The Zeta also have the ability to use the Dimensional Lock System to some degree and are able to appear in some of the adjacent dimensions. But the Zeta originate from our three-dimensional system in a different time continuum than your present reality. Though possessing knowledge far superior to our own, the Zeta do not have a full understanding of the Dimensional Lock System, nor have they mastered the Time Portal Systems of adjacent dimensions. Both humans and the Zeta have much to learn.

The Zeta races were involved with Atlantean (3rd seeding) and Atlanian (2nd seeding) Earth cultures, and for a time colonized Mars. The Zeta groups share a common interest in possessing Earth to facilitate the continuation of their races’ evolution. The Zetas’ original plan was born out of their need to retain control of a future human society. In the future of Earth, between 4230 AD and 6443 AD, the Zeta/Dracos alliance has successfully overtaken the human world culture in that time period. These events are taking place now, in that future time-space coordinate. In order for the Zetas to retain control over that society, they have traveled backward through time to Earth’s present.

Humanity’s upcoming opportunity for accelerated evolution during this current Ascension cycle possesses a direct threat to the Zetas’ ability to retain control of that future human society. If 8% of present day humans are able to successfully take this evolutionary leap, the humans of 4230 AD-6443 AD will be set free from the Zeta Collective Mind Frequency Fence through which they are presently controlled in their space-time coordinate. The Zetas do not want this to occur. In this future period, Muvarians and descendants of present human races are kept from ascension and evolution to higher consciousness and immortality by a seal the Zetas placed within their fourth DNA strand. The Zeta Seal stopped the fifth DNA strand from plugging into the lower strands, so these future soul essences are trapped within Tara’s First time cycle in the D-4 astral planes.

Rigel (Orion) Phantom
Earth Phantom
various other locations
Hybrid Races:
insectoid, “Short Greys”, several insectoid forms, originally from the planet Apaxein-Lau, now on Phantom Earth and various other systems. Others call them the “lizzies”, referring specifically to the Rutilia sub-species of Zeta that have a more reptilian-like appearance when manifesting within our system. Though technologically and intellectually astute, the Zeta-Reticuli generally do not possess the spiritual development necessary to forge strong bonds of brotherhood with other life forms. Like humans, the Zeta also are evolving. The Zeta-Reticuli are indeed real, and physical in terms of biological form. They are not from our planetary system, but they have a working knowledge of the Time Portal System in our 3rd-dimension. It is the Zeta-Reticuli and affiliated groups, such as the reptilian Dracos, that have been in contact with our government and are responsible for much of what we have come to call the “UFO/alien abduction” phenomena.
insectoid-reptilian,“Tall Greys”, aggressive Omicron-hybrid, from planet Rigel (Orion). Drakonian-Orion Confederation administration, enslaved Zeta-Reticuli, “Zeta-Talk”. 1983 Rigelian-Andromie Alliance. Work with Drakonian Necromiton-Andromies, some Omicron-Drakonian/Odedicron-Reptilian factions, “Big Brother Drac” World Management Team Illuminati. Joined United Intruder Resistance (UIR) 2000 AD with Necromiton-Andromies. Members of Drakonian-Orion Confederation.
blue-human-reptile, Omicron-Zephelium hybrid, Bellatrix.
insectoid-reptilian, Zeta-Dracos hybrid, the primary go-betweens in Zeta-Futczhi/human relations, served as infiltrates within the Interior Government, and continued to secretly motivate humans to continue helping them fulfill their old agenda. Rutilia are those beings referred to by the government as “EBE’s” - Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. They closely resemble the Greys, but usually have a lighter gray to gray-white complexion, and more pronounced ridging at the rear of the skull.
Zeta-Reticuli-Amealian-Anunnaki hybrid, Nibiruian Anunnaki collective of Nibiru and Sirius A. Once-trusted Anu-Seraphim Anunnaki members of the Emerald Covenant since 246,000BC, defected from the Emerald Covenant in 22,340 BC to join the Lucifer Rebellion Anu-Seraphim Anunnaki Race Supremacy world dominion agenda. Most of the humans who have fallen into using or teaching the Nibiruian Reverse-Merkaba have been covertly “set up” by the Thoth-Enki-Zephelium or Alpha-Omega Templar Melchizedek Anunnaki races to propagate this Base-11-Reverse Merkaba perversion. Most, but not all, human teachers of Merkaba do not realize that they have been deceived in this way, and are not intentionally bringing harm to their students; the teachers themselves are being victimized and deceived by Fallen Angelic contacts. Race host of the Density-2 Nibiruian Lulitan (Lucifer) family line. Part of the Egyptian Invasion in 8,400 BC with their Bruah-Atlantis Annu-Melchizedeks, raided Egypt from Sumeria, overthrowing Serres-Egyptian Pre-dynastic Grail King lines as the Osirius King line.
hominid, "Orange Zeta", Dracos-Anunnaki-Zeta Rigelian hybrid, on planet Nibiru
hominid, "Blue Zeta", Andromie-Necromiton-Zeta-Rigelian hybrid, on planet Alpheratz in the Andromeda galaxy.
False Creeds | Text Distortions | Associations:
Zeta-Rigelian Agenda:
Nazi Zeta Treaties
Thule Society
Allister Crowley
“Black Sun”
“Golden Dawn”
“Enochian Watchtowers” metaphysical cults
Pagan teaching distortions
Philadelphia Experiment
Montauk Project, “Montauk Boys”
Illuminati Royal Blood Lines
Atlantian | Zeta-Reticuli Agenda:
Atalan King (Thoth-Enki-Zephelium-Anunnaki Nibiruian)
Contemporary | Zeta-Reticuli Agenda:
Larsa King
Sumerian/Osirius King
Egyptian King (Nibiruian Anunnaki-hybrid)
Atlantian | Zeta-Rigelian Agenda:
Dragon King (Germanic)
Human Tribe Infiltration:
Both groups have small ancestral lines in most human 12-Tribes and contemporary abduction hybrids and clones of “body-snatched” human bodies.
Pleiadian-Samjase-Luciferian Anunnaki, Fallen Angelic Legions