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Anuhazi Aliens, Feline Hominids, Blue Cat People

Anuhazi Aliens, Feline Hominids, Blue Cat People

Anuhazi are a Lyran feline-hominid, "Cat People" alien race line from D12 planet Aramatena (Lyra) in Density-4 Prematter "Liquid Light", created 950 billion years ago by the Blue Flame Elohei-Elohim Founders Race (Density-5, Dimension-13).

The Anuhazi extraterrestrials have the Emerald Sun DNA 48-strands and are called a "Christos Race", or Christos Founders Race. You can basically describe them as a human cat, cat human, cat person. Humans have evolved out of the Anuhazi lineage, this is our lineage, it is the primary gene code that was used to form the human form.

There are other things combined with our human gene code, but Anuhazi was the primary one. This is the alien group that we incarnate out of as far as what our templates hold the most coding for, as far as the mathematics.

There is another Density-3 feline alien race similar to the Density-4 Anuhazi. I have seen some work a few years ago about somebody that was channeling the Leonines and it was interesting, it's a different group, it's not this Anuhazi group, but it's one of their off-shoots, the cat people, if you ever hear anybody talking about cat people or talking to cat people, they are talking to some version of the Anuhazi.

Some of you are also out of the Elohei-Elohim Emerald Order collective like the Anuhazi, you can feel it by resonance. Or, you may find you are more coded to the other two collectives, the Gold Flame or Violet Flame, and it's alright, they are all equal, because what's happened here, it's important to understand that these are all the same level of consciousness that came in to form these fields, so it doesn't imply one is better than the other.

Anuhazi Language

The original Maharata Books (Inner Christos) were transcribed in the Anuhazi language, the first spoken-written language out of which all other external language forms in our Time Matrix emerged. When we work with the scalar technologies that are in both Inner Christos Healing and in the Master Templar course, there are certain sounds and songs and things that we use that are in the Anuhazi language, the original Lyran language of the Cradle of Lyra.

Most of us would have a very hard time reading those texts because right now our DNA is blocked in a way we can't even synthesis some of the sounds, not to mention remember the alphabet.

Anuhazi Attributes

  • Representatives of the Royal House of Aramatena
  • Seeded the Lyran-Sirian-Anuhazi race in Density-3
  • Co-creators of the Azurite blue angelic race
  • Installed the “Great White Lion” APIN system on Earth
  • Guardians of Stargate-12, Council of Aramatena (Lyra)
  • Co-guardians of Stargate-8, Council of Mintaka (Orion)
  • Co-guardians of Stargate-5, Council of Alcyone (Taurus)
  • Members of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds

Anuhazi Alien Blue Cat People

Anuhazi Extraterrestrial Blue Cat People

Anuhazi Blue Cat People

Blue Cat People