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Greetings, Holy Ones. Welcome to Christos Avatar. I am your star brother Anuhazi Aqueion, also known as Thayvian in social media. I am an un-official teacher of the Emerald Order teachings, as originally taught by Guardian Speaker-1 E'Asha Ashayana since 1998, formerly Ashayana Deane, starting with the Voyagers 1 & 2 books and related workshops.

This knowledge is also known as the Inner Christos Law of One or Freedom Teachings or Keylontic Science (KS), which does not actually originate on Earth. These teachings represent a record of advanced spiritual-science knowledge and extensive history that has been translated into many forms, in many different periods and locations, within and beyond our 15-Dimensional Universe.

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Christos Avatar is an educational resource publishing organization founded upon a commitment to support perspectives of consciousness studies, spiritual development, life empowerment, personal enrichment and environmental responsibility that reflect the principles of unified spiritual and scientific paradigms. Christos Avatar spiritual teachings are based upon the "Law of One," which acknowledges the value, interconnection and interdependence of all components of reality and the Living God or Spirit alive within all things.

Christos Avatar scientific teachings are based upon advanced Universal Unified Field Physics, ancient Light-Sound-Scalar-wave and Merkaba Mechanics and Matter-Template Science. Through teachings of unified spiritual-science, Christos Avatar Emerald Order provides state of the art Spiritual Development and Holistic Healing Programs, through which greater integration of the physical and spiritual aspects of the human condition can be gained.

Christos Avatar is dedicated to providing cutting-edge information, teachings, services and programs for Spiritual Awakening, Consciousness Expansion, Life Empowerment, Holistic Healing, Personal Enrichment, World Peace and Planetary Stewardship efforts. We offer pro-active, affirmative action, personal and global healing perspectives focused upon expansion of consciousness and educated enlightenment, through which the ideals of reverence, respect, love and cooperative co-creation are fostered within the global community.