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Anyu Aliens Extraterrestrials Fallen Angel

Anyu Aliens Extraterrestrials Fallen Angels

Anyu are a feline-aquatic-ape alien hybrid race line of D11 planet Aveyon (Lyra) in Density-4, created 950 billion years ago, they are a Blue Flame extraterrestrial hybrid between the Violet Flame Yonei aquatic-ape race + Blue Flame Anuhazi feline-hominid race.

The Anyu were originally a positive race, originally part of the good guy Emerald Order, a Guardian race that served the Law of One, until 250 billion years ago, they had suffered digression, they ended up with a condition called Code Convolution, code, as in DNA code, that's kind of like inbreeding genetically.

If you take the same genetic DNA template and combine it with itself over and over, at a certain point the original integrity of the mathematical template breaks down and you start to get random probability and variations that weren't quite the original plan, that's how Fallen Angelic races came to being in the first place, it was because of this DNA Code Convolution.

The Anyu extraterrestrial race are the ones who started the Elohim Wars, which resulted in what's called The Fall and the "Original Sin". Also, once this Guardian Anyu race fell, they started calling themselves the Annu-Elohim, and they are the ones that later created the Anunnaki races.

Anyu Aliens Extraterrestrials Fallen Angel